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TikTok's Pancake-Covered Banana Trend Will Make Your Breakfast A Whole Lot Batter
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TikTok is constantly leveling up the breakfast game. Between the viral "nature's cereal" to the mini cereal trend, the social media app shares so many new ways to enjoy the first meal of the day, and one of its latest recipes is no exception. TikTok's pancake-covered banana bites are currently making waves on the internet, and it's about to make your morning meal a whole lot batter.

Instead of topping your pancakes with bananas as you may normally do, this recipe includes coating banana slices in pancake batter and frying them to create almost perfectly circular pancakes. Your pancakes will come out downright adorable since they're bite-sized. If being the cutest mini banana pancakes in TikTok history weren't enough, this recipe also ensures you get a mouthful of sweet fruit with every bite.

And the maple syrup on top? This banana pancake trend is a piece of, well, pancake, to pull off. You can elevate your breakfast and recreate this trend using your trusty pancake recipe. Or, try out one of these TikTokers' recipes and sprinkle some crushed Oreos or cinnamon oats into your batter. Either way, you'll flip out over how tasty these recipes can get without requiring much more time in the kitchen.

This Pancake Recipe Uses Cinnamon Oat Batter And Peanut Butter

You and pancakes go together like cinnamon and peanut butter, so why not recreate these cinnamon oat banana pancakes? TikToker @thehungerdiaries uses a pancake batter flavored with oats and cinnamon to dip their bananas in. For the finishing touch, they drizzle peanut butter and maple syrup over their mini pancakes. These pancakes may be small, but the flavor definitely packs a punch.

This Banana Pancake Recipe Includes Chocolate Chips

Calling all the chocolate lovers, this chocolate chip banana pancake recipe has your name written all over it. To make this sweet breakfast, you can use your favorite pancake recipe, add as much chocolate as you like, and coat your sliced banana pieces with a fork. TikToker @healthywaysfordays recommends turning your bananas around in the batter a few times to make sure they get evenly coated.

This Pancake Recipe Makes The Process Look So Easy

Your brows may raise while watching TikToker @thesassykitchen whisk up their banana pancake recipe because it all comes together so fast. If you blink, you might miss the rows of pancake batter on the pan become decked out in syrup and ready to be eaten. It may seem like magic, but it's actually just how straightforward this recipe is.

This Pancake Recipe Only Requires Two Ingredients

If you have a box pancake mix and some bananas, then you have enough ingredients to recreate this delicious pancake trend. Simply mix your batter with water as TikToker @malloryharr does with their Kodiak pancake mix and slice your bananas into bite-sized pieces to dip into the batter. Then, simply cook and eat.

This Banana Pancake Recipe Is Topped With Sprinkles

The only thing cuter than mini banana pancakes are colorful mini banana pancakes, which is why you'll want to follow this banana pancake recipe. This method follows the same ones as the videos above, except when the banana-coated pancakes go on the pan, they are topped with a variety of sprinkles. You can get creative with the sprinkles you choose and opt for heart-shaped or multi-colored decorations to make your pancakes extra Insta-worthy.

This Pancake Recipe Uses Oreos

If you #stan cookies and cream, you'll love this Oreo banana pancake recipe. To recreate the video, prepare your fave pancake batter, put Oreos in a Ziploc bag, and crush the cookies with a rolling pin. Mix in the cookie pieces to your batter and dip your banana slices. Once your pancakes are cooked, you can top them with sweet and condensed milk for an added layer of sweetness.

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