Meghan Markle’s Dad Had The Harshest Things To Say About His Daughter’s Royal Exit

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Thomas Markle is breaking his silence on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's decision to distance themselves from the royal family — and, unsurprisingly, he isn't mincing his words when critiquing his daughter's announcement. On Sunday, Jan. 19, a video was released showing the father of the Duchess of Sussex discussing his strained relationship with his daughter, and he doesn't hesitate throwing some major shade when asked about the couple's recent decision. It's safe to say that Thomas Markle's comments about Meghan's royal exit and how she's "cheapening" the monarchy don't hold anything back. Elite Daily reached out to a rep for the royal family for comment on Thomas Markle’s statements, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

While it's not exactly news that the former Suits actress is estranged from her father and her half sister Samantha, things have definitely escalated recently after Thomas Markle released parts of a personal letter that she'd apparently sent to him. In an excerpt for a documentary filmed for the U.K.'s Channel 5 that was released on Jan. 19, the 75-year-old broke his silence on Markle and Prince Harry's controversial decision to "step back" from the royal family and become "financially independent." While the Queen released a supportive statement that praised the Duchess for how quickly she'd acclimated to her role int he royal family, Thomas Markle appeared to have quite a different take on the situation.

"It's disappointing because she actually got every girl's dream," Thomas Markle said in the clip, then claiming that money was the impetus behind the couple's decision. "Every young girl wanted to become a princess and she got that and now she's tossing that away, for, it looks like she's tossing that away for money."

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Thomas Markle then went on to call the situation "embarrassing" while claiming that his daughter was responsible for making the monarchy into a "Walmart with a crown on it."

"When they got married, they took on an obligation and the obligation is to be part of the royals and to represent the royals and it would be foolish for them not to," he added. "This is like one of the greatest, long-living institutions ever. They are destroying it. They are cheapening it. They're making it shabby. They are turning it into a Walmart with a crown on it now. It is something that is ridiculous. They shouldn't be doing this."

In the final part of the excerpt, he concluded his take by calling the Duke and Duchess "lost souls."

"I think both of them are turning into lost souls at this point," he said. "I don't know what they're looking for."

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to respond to his comments and, judging from their track record, are unlikely to do so and will instead be going ahead with their decision without his blessing. According to the Queen's latest statement, the Sussexes will be changing their roles as early as the spring of this year, so it sounds like the public will see that transformation unfolding soon.