This Was The Worst Part Of Your 2018, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

The worst part of this year? Where do I begin? Well, aside from back-to-back eclipses and endless retrograde cycles, 2018 was the year of the metamorphosis, both personally and collectively speaking. Needless to say, I'm going to reveal the worst part of your 2018, according to your zodiac sign. Also, by no means am I trying to dwell on the past, on the contrary. This will serve as a reminder of both your strength and perseverance. Besides, at least it's over, right? It's time to sit back and take a trip down memory lane. Let's say goodbye for good, my stargazers.

While many of us would normally refer to 2018 as a year full of ups and downs, I can personally vouch that there were more downs than ups, and by a long shot. For instance, the shadowy energy of Jupiter in Scorpio will forever haunt our minds. This transit left a huge mark on 2018, and for so many reasons. Remember, Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion, and it also happens to be the largest planet in our solar system. Scorpio's energy, on the other hand, regenerates and transforms. This transit brought all that's hidden beneath the surface to light.

This is obviously not the only transit that left its mark, but rest assured, its energy was a key ingredient to the challenges we've endured. On another note, taskmaster Saturn entered Capricorn back in December 2017, so we experienced a year of intense restructuring, as Saturn is Capricorn's planetary ruler. It doesn't end there. Pluto the destroyer spent almost half the year retrograde, alongside Saturn in serious Capricorn. Now, given that Capricorn is a symbol of authority and social responsibility, we were given a glimpse at everything that's "morally wrong" in our world.

For instance, the combination of Jupiter in Scorpio, as well as Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, sparked events such as Me Too, a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. See the correlation? Nevertheless, here's a closer look at the worst part of 2018, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: You Doubted Your Courage

You came face-to-face with your fears this year, Aries. You were given no choice but to surrender and evolve, despite what your red-hot ego had to say about it.

Taurus: Your Values Changed Radically

There's nothing you loathe more than change, and well, the cosmos pulled the rug from beneath you, Taurus. What you once considered stable and comfortable, may or may not have been taken away from you.

Gemini: You Experienced Deep Change, Unwillingly

The cosmos made space for you this year, but you weren't too thrilled with the results, Gemini. Sadly, some of these changes felt almost unbearable, but very much needed, right?

Cancer: You Outgrew Your Relationships

The way you integrate yourself into the lives of others, and vise versa, has gone through deep restructure. You're not the same person you used to be; therefore, you no longer surround yourself with the same people.

Leo: You Experienced A Deep Rebirth

This was a year full of growth and new beginnings, my dear Leo. Despite the pain you endured, you had no choice but to accept all that's headed your way, and with an open heart.

Virgo: It Was All Work And No Play

This year was full of responsibility and unnecessary burdens for you, dear Virgo. You might've felt as though your creative expression was stifled, as you became hyper aware of your surroundings.

Libra: You Experienced Internal Doubt

If there's one thing you pride yourself on, it's your confidence and security, especially in regards to relationships. Nevertheless, you had no one but yourself to lean on this year.

Scorpio: Your Perspective Changed Dramatically

This was a year of both losses and wins, but even then, you couldn't experience the highs without the lows. There was a feeling desperation combined with shock, in regards to your personal life and philosophy.

Sagittarius: You Really Doubted Yourself

You felt powerless, confused, and unworthy. With Pluto and Saturn in your second house of values, you experienced deep restructure in regards to your self worth.

Capricorn: You Were At War With Yourself

Despite both the spiritual and physical transformation you endured this year, you also came face-to-face with toxicity, and ruthless realities, you had no choice but to confront.

Aquarius: You Were Given No Choice But To Surrender

The cosmos forced you to change, Aquarius. You had to take a step back, and re-asses your entire life, from both a practical and spiritual perspective.

Pisces: You Dealt With Karmic Debt

This was a year of spiritual renewal for you. In fact, the universe gave you an ultimatum: change your ways or stay stagnant. The evolution process is never easy, but you're still pushing through.