This Viral Video Of Trump's Hair Reveals The Truth, Once & For All

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For years, President Donald Trump has been asked the same question from people like former Fox News host Megyn Kelly and Late Night comedian Jimmy Fallon: What's up with the hair? Politics aside, it's a question that basic human curiosity makes hard to avoid. Now, a revealing video of Trump's hair blowing in the wind has provided an answer.

Emphasis on "revealing."

The footage comes from a Fox News broadcast on Friday, Feb. 2, when the president climbed a flight of steps to board an Air Force plane ahead of a trip to Florida. While walking up the steps, a significant lock of hair can be seen flapping in the direction the wind appears to be blowing, revealing a barren-looking patch of scalp.

The video has attracted attention after Huff Post writer Ashley Feinberg shared it on Twitter, writing, "at first i didnt think this could possibly be real but... i think it is?"

Feinberg then pointed out that photo agency Getty Images snapped a picture of the moment the strands of hair on the back of the president's head went flying, and a search of the photo in Getty's cache does indeed reveal that the picture is authentic.

The subject of Donald Trump's hair — the, uh, unique hairstyle and how it comes together — was the subject of the now infamous book about the White House, Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury. In the book, Wolff asserts that Ivanka Trump talks to friends about how the president uses a combover technique.

"She treated her father with a degree of detachment, even irony, going so far as to make fun of his comb-over to others," Wolff wrote in an excerpt he shared with New York Magazine. "She often described the mechanics behind it to friends: an absolutely clean pate—a contained island after scalp-reduction ­surgery—surrounded by a furry circle of hair around the sides and front, from which all ends are drawn up to meet in the center and then swept back and secured by a stiffening spray."

Wolff's book has been found to have been filled with basic factual errors, is disputed by multiple members of Trump's inner circle, and has been criticized by journalists who work at the White House on a day-to-day basis as sloppy and immoral.

In other words, there's all the reason in the world to not take Michael Wolff's word as gospel. However, the mere idea that Trump's hair isn't what it seems to be in undoubtedly supported by this video.

There is an irony about the video, though. In the past, Trump has allowed interviewers who were skeptical about the authenticity of his hair to literally run their fingers through it and see for themselves. One of those interviewers in Megyn Kelly, who now works for NBC after more than a decade at Fox News.

"I would say the hair is real," Kelly told Bravo's Andy Cohen. "I have laid hands on it personally. That is not a wig, and it's not a combover, either." Kelly later added, "I have run my fingers through it. We used to get along! I stuck my hands under there, I shoved my hands up in that hair, and that's real."

Trump has also very plainly said, while on stage during a campaign rally, "I do not wear a toupée," before a member of the audience to inspect his hair.

And who could forget that time Jimmy Fallon also messed with Trump's hair (like, in a really rough way). That was on broadcast television. You know, one of those channels you don't even need cable for. And still, Trump's hair stood the test.

They key difference, though, may just be the fact that Fallon or Kelly didn't test the back of Trump's head, because once the wind hit there, well, you saw what happened.