Kylie's Video Tour Of Her Kylie Skin Vacation Mansion Will Fill You With Envy

by Jamie LeeLo
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There are obviously certain perks that come with being a billionaire. Take Kylie Jenner's themed Kylie Skin vacation extravaganza, for example. The 21-year-old makeup mogul is currently on the trip of a lifetime with a pack of friends and her glam posse in tow. The video tour of Kylie Jenner's Kylie Skin vacation mansion is far too luxurious to believe, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Surely, if this is the good stuff Jenner is letting fans see, there must be a hell of a lot more glam where it came from.

If you haven't been following Kylie Cosmetics this summer, where the hell have you been? Along with her impressive line of eyeshadows, high lighters, bronzers, and lippies, Jenner recently launched a new skincare line that has fans drooling. The products' packaging is super minimal, as is the design. The look is comprised of two main colors: baby pink and white, which not-so-coincidentally is the color palette for Jenner's vacay home, too. Jenner treated fans to some sneak peek footage of her alarmingly glamorous travels, which included videos of the gang's lodging, swag, landscaping, food, bevies, and fashion. (Oh, yeah, there was a customized private jet that dropped the lucky group off at their tropical location, too.)

Where would you guys like to start?

If you click through the video below, you can peep a gorgeous beach as the jet prepares for landing. Scrolling through — Jenner guides her friends and baby Stormi around the grounds of their real-estate explaining "this is where you'll be staying!" She also skims over some of the swag laying around the home which includes branded clothing made by Talentless and Sofia Richie's collaboration line with Frankie's bikinis.

The place also came fully staffed (duh) with housing assistants, bartenders, what I assume is a 5-star chef, and spa therapists. You can peep a few of these folks in Jenner's videos as she cascades the camera through a massive seating area, over a stunning outdoor pool, and through the halls of the upstairs bedrooms and balconies.

Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Instagram/Kylie Jenner

One staff member confidently asks Jenner, "You need anything?" as she pans her camera over a white and pink floral arrangement. She responds, "I'm OK."

Such a normal interaction for such extreme circumstances.

What might not be as normal is how totally comfortable Jenner became, like, right away. She and Sofia Richie (old friend and Scott Disick's girlfriend) wasted no time freeing themselves of the day-to-day pain points of non-vacation life, like their clothing. Both Jenner and Richie stripped down to post some seriously smoldering nude photos from their tropical location.

You guys ready for this?

Too late if you're not...

I think Jenner's caption says it best... that's some serious "vacation mode."

I will spend my entire life wondering what it takes to get an invitation on a Kylie Jenner sponsored trip, but at least in the meantime I can live vicariously through her Instagram stories. Congratulations everyone on all of your success and friendship with this young billionaire.