Let This Video Of TXT Meeting BTS After Their Concert Warm Your Heart

I love TXT and I love BTS, so seeing them in a video together is literally everything. Obviously, the guys all seem super closer. I mean, they're both from the same company, Big Hit Entertainment, but because they're both off doing their own thing (read: epic tours), it can be tough setting aside time to hang out together. That's why I cherish any interaction I can get between the two groups. The latest video of TXT meeting BTS after their Chicago concert is honestly the purest exchange I've ever seen because it shows how the guys appreciate any time they get with each other.

So a few months ago, TXT and BTS toured across North America for each of their respective tours (TXT for their STAR in US showcase tour and BTS for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour). Both TXT and BTS were in Chicago at the same time for BTS' May 11 show. I don't know if Big Hit planned it this way, or if it was just some coincidence, but honestly, who cares? TXT and BTS got to hangout, and that's all that really matters. Of course, since it all happened behind-the-scenes, fans knew of their exchange because TXT and BTS posted some adorable Big Hit family photos on Twitter.

Take a look:

Now fans have been given the wonderful opportunity to see exactly what went down between the two groups backstage. In a new video uploaded by Mnet K-POP, you can see that TXT and BTS were so happy to see each other. TXT's faces lit up as soon as they saw BTS, and when BTS' J-Hope saw TXT, he shouted, "T-X-T! T-X-T!" Both groups then exchanged some really loud greetings with one another, which made Suga say, "We're from the same company we don't need to do a proper greeting."

Then, in what seemed like a scene out of Love Actually (actually, the boys literally got inspo from the classic romcom), TXT's Taehyun began communicating with BTS by flipping through a notepad. Basically, he said that TXT missed BTS and that they were so impressed by the group's Chicago concert. They finished off by bravely asking for their phone numbers.

The full letter read:

We're in America, so we'll say "hello" instead. How have you been? We missed you guys. We had Chicago pizza, too. We wrote this letter because after watching your amazing show, we were very impressed. It was amazing! Oh, and we want to be friends with you. When are we going to exchange phone numbers? And last but not least, fighting! Thanks, guys. We love you. From, lovely TXT.

How cute was that? The letter was so sweet, and BTS' reaction to the letter honestly made my heart melt. As Taehyun flipped each page, BTS got even shyer and embarrassed at the sweet, sincere message TXT wrote for them. Jungkook got so shy that he had to look away from the camera and RM even clutched his chest because he was so overwhelmed with feelings. (Talk about busting an UwU, amirite?)

To top it off, as this whole exchange happened, the brilliant Big Hit staff had "All You Need Is Love" playing in the background. I'm not kidding.

Here's the video of TXT and BTS meeting up together backstage:

In case you wanted to see more, here's the full 20-minute-long video:

Cute, right? I'm so happy that TXT and BTS are so close with one another — and that TXT finally got group chat privileges with their hyungs! Here's hoping they meet up again soon!