The Jonas Brothers & Big Rob Reunited To Perform “Burnin’ Up” & The Video Is Perfect

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

IMHO, 2019 is the year of nostalgia, and the JoBros reuniting back in February after six years apart is a big part of that. So, when the boy band continued their current Happiness Begins tour on Saturday, Aug. 31, it was an extra treat that they fittingly rang in their comeback with a surprise cameo that throws it back to one of their '08 bops. This video of the Jonas Brothers and Big Rob reuniting to perform “Burnin’ Up” at Hersheypark Stadium is pretty much guaranteed to give you all the feels, because there's so much nostalgia happening.

If you grew up in the mid-aughts, chances are that you followed Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas while they churned out chart-toppers like "When You Look Me in the Eyes," "S.O.S.," and "Lovebug." I know I wasn't alone in mourning when the Jonas Brothers confirmed that they were breaking up in October 2013, so it was surprising but very welcome news when the three brothers announced that they were reuniting in 2019 and debuting a new single called "Sucker." "Cool" and "Only Human" quickly followed, along with the release of their new album Happiness Begins, and the musicians decided to keep the comeback celebration going on their Happiness Begins Tour, which brought them to Hersheypark Stadium in Hersey, Pennsylvania on Aug. 31.

Considering that the tour is meant to showcase the group's brand new repertoire while also gifting fans the JoBros classics we all know and love, Nick, Joe, and Kevin made sure to add a heavy dose of nostalgia to their first show, courtesy of some special guests. During their performance of "Burnin' Up," the trio brought out their former bodyguard Big Rob, who fans might remember rapped on the original track. Newsflash: He's definitely still got it more than a decade later, and Twitter is so here for the unexpected cameo.

Joe also took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with the group's one-time bodyguard, writing, "BIG ROB’S FOR REAL AND THAT’S NO LIE!! Thank you Hershey for an amazing night!"

According to Twitter users, Big Rob's appearance wasn't the only surprise that night, as John Taylor and Greg Garbowsky also made cameos. Fans know Taylor and Garbowsky as major parts of the Jonas Brothers' original backing band.

In case you needed proof that the Jonas Brothers are ready to kick off their second time around on a strong note, this is it. Nick previously revealed that he was the reason for the group's hiatus, telling Wonderland Magazine:

There was definitely a strain emotionally that was being put on all of us. We had such a specific way of doing things for so long and I think as we got older and tried to progress artistically, we got stuck in those old ways so our music suffered and our general vibe with each other and ability to communicate in a healthy way no longer existed.

Luckily, the group was able to sort through their issues and grow on their own as musicians before Nick ultimately decided to convince his brothers to give the JoBros a second chance.

"Initially I think [the idea] was met with a little apprehension, but then over time, once we decided all together to start working on this documentary, I think we were able to get into it and talk through some of the things that we wouldn’t really talk through before," he told the publication.

From the look of things, the Jonas Brothers are officially back and better than ever after their temporary breakup, and I'm looking forward to all the new singles and nostalgia-inducing performances that are in our future.