The Jonas Wives Were All There For The Opening Night Of The JoBros' Tour

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers are officially back on tour. Well, well, well, if that's not a sentence I dreamed of writing! It's true, people. It's really happening. Kevin, Joe, and Nick have kicked off their Happiness Begins tour and, of course, Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra were with them to kick off night one. The photos of the Jonas Wives at the Happiness Begins tour opening night are an exciting sign that the J-Sisters are going to be tagging along throughout the tour.

It looks like they're really committing to this J-Sisters nickname, seeing as the three women are posing in front of a wall that has a J-Sisters logo on it. That's it, ladies! Lean in! Jonas, Chopra, and Turner all threw on Jonas Brothers concert tees for the band's first show in Miami. Chopra wore an old JB concert tee with black skinny jeans and a gold belt around her waist, Jonas wore some Happiness Begins merch with a white skirt, and Turner wore an old concert tee as well with a black skirt. In the photo, they're standing in front of a wall of foliage and underneath a balloon arch, and — let me tell ya — it is bringing me all the joy!

I'm a sucker for this picture.

Chopra captioned the post, "😍 #wivesontour." Hopefully we'll get new additions to the #WivesOnTour hashtag every night of this tour. This is the content we need! If Jonas stans can't be Jonas wives ourselves, we at least want to live vicariously through the women who are. The 13-year-old in me is screaming.

Also on tour: Alena and Valentina Jonas!

Chopra captioned the post, "The #jsisters for life."

Kevin and Danielle Jonas' daughters posed with their mom and aunties in front of the J-Sisters photo area, looking cute as heck in their matching red dresses. Alena is also wearing a Jonas Brothers hat in the shot, clearly proud of her dad and uncles. Valentina seems to have brought her toy Buzz Lightyear along for the ride. To infinity and beyond, Valentina. To infinity. And. Beyond.

But that's not all of the opening night content Chopra gave us! She also posted this shot of her, Nick, Joe, Turner, Frankie Jonas, Mama and Papa Jonas, and a big group of friends who were all at opening night in Miami.

Excuse me, where are Kevin, Danielle, Alena, and Valentina?!

She captioned the post, "Family. #HappinessBegins sold out tour!! Crushed it! So proud of u guys!"

That's all of the content Chopra posted to her Instagram grid from night one of the Happiness Begins tour. Now, let's move on to her Instagram story, where we got live footage of her view from the crowd.

In the video, Kevin, Nick, and Joe are performing "Paranoid" from the album Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

The joy on all three of their faces! I can't tell what my favorite part of the video is: the looks of pure happiness on the guys' faces, or when Chopra pans out to the audience and we see Turner holding up Valentina and Frankie Jonas having the time of his life watching his brothers perform again.

A fan at the concert also caught this video of the J-Sisters dancing together while the guys played "Year 3000." The bop that don't stop.

I need to get my ass to this tour!!!!!!! Sorry, had to yell that. This reunion means a lot to me.

Thank you for the content, Pri. Please, by all means, continue.