Shaq Disguised Himself As A Papa John's Delivery Man & The Video Is Everything

While I definitely would not consider myself to be #sporty, I can confidently say Shaquille O'Neal is — hands down — one of my favorite celebrities of all time. The former NBA player's hilarious sense of humor and bubbly personality makes him an unbelievably likable dude. And if you aren't already Team Shaq, definitely make sure to watch this video of Shaq as a Papa John's delivery man; it's pretty much guaranteed to warm your soul.

Nobody could argue that eating pizza is a sacred pastime. However, eating pizza from a surprise pizza delivery from Shaquille O'Neal is literally a dream come true. On Friday, Aug. 29, 2019, the retired basketball player broke out a Shaq-sized Papa John's uniform and went to several public places around Los Angeles, California. He popped by a temple, a community pool, and even an auto shop, according to People, where Shaq surprised locals with free pizza. After delivering the delicious pies, he hung around to chat, took incredible photos with fans, and then went off on his merry way.

In a behind-the-scenes video posted to YouTube, the 7-foot-1 basketball champ is seen riding a bus to each location, and clearly, he found it to be exhausting. Check out the video for yourself, below.

As you can see from the video, the former basket ball star was literally falling asleep between delivery locations. “This is a really, really tough job, delivering pizzas,” O’Neal said to the camera. Despite his sleepiness, however, the 47-year-old athlete prevailed and totally crushed it.

In the YouTube video, the retired athlete made a point to highlight the fact that this wasn't any type of paid advertisement — he solely wanted to deliver pizzas on his own volition, benefitting the community and giving Papa John's a little additional publicity. "This is not a commercial. People do not know we're coming," Shaq told the camera.

While this spontaneous support for Papa John's seems somewhat out of the blue, it turns out that Shaq has major ties with the pizza chain. According to CNN, he joined Papa John's Board of Directors earlier this year, and became an ambassador for the brand's advertisements in March 2019. Over the course of this year, he also has plans to invest in nine Papa John's stores throughout Atlanta, Georgia, as per the CNN article.

It basically goes without saying that anyone and everyone out there would probably love a surprise pizza delivery any day of the week. However, receiving a surprise pizza delivery from the one and only Shaquille O'Neal is seriously a dream come true. (I mean, how pumped would you be if Shaq casually delivered a pie to you on a Friday night when you're hanging out with friends?)

Hopefully, the retired athlete, Papa John's ad star, and Board of Directors member decides to do this in New York City someday... and, more importantly, hopefully he remembers to bring a hefty bottle of the chain's famous garlic sauce with him. That's honestly the key to a successful Papa John's feast.