Saint West Dancing With Chance The Rapper's Daughter Kensli

This Video Of Saint Dancing With Chance The Rapper's Daughter Will Make You Melt

Paul Natkin/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Do you know what's better than one dancing toddler? Two toddlers dancing together. Children have so much joy and it's just so infectious. Trust, after watching this video of Saint West dancing with Chance The Rapper's daughter Kensli, you'll have a smile on your face.

But first, you should know the reason Saint and Kensli are on dancing-together terms is that their dads are longtime friends. West was Chance's rap idol growing up, and he would frequently tweet about his love for the rapper until they finally met in 2014 and struck up a friendship. The rest is history.

In Chance's new video, Kensli and Saint are hopping around the floor while Michael Jackson's "Thriller" played in the background. "Get it, get it," Chance said, egging on the kids from behind the camera. They were having such a blast at their party for two, but Chance definitely should have joined in.

The sweet video was uploaded to Chance The Rapper's Instagram in honor of Saint's birthday. He captioned it, "Happy Birthday Saint, We love you! 4 is gonna be a great year!!" Judging by the way Saint is bouncing around in this dancing video with Kensli, he's off to a great start.

Saint's family also posted sweet birthday tributes to the youngster on Instagram.

"I have no words to describe how much I love your smile and those curls of yours Saint! You bring so much joy into my soul," Kim Kardashian wrote on Instagram. "You are so kind, loving and just so thoughtful and sweet! I am so happy today if your 4th birthday and We get to celebrate how much you’ve grown! Happy birthday my sweet sweet Sainty," she wrote, before explaining what makes her eldest son so sweet.

"When I say to him my sweet sweet Sainty, he says back to me my sweet sweet sweet sweet Momma, the best momma in the world and the only momma I ever want! HOW CAN YOU NOT MELT AT HIS SWEETNESS," she finished.

Saint's grandma, Kris Jenner, also posted a touching birthday message to Saint, writing, "Happy Birthday Saint!!!! I can hardly believe you are 4 years old!!!! You are growing up so fast... you are such a sweet, funny, kind and amazing boy and I love seeing your sweet face and beautiful smile. You bring such joy to everyone around you!! I love you Sainty!!!!!"

Happy Birthday, Saint!