Halsey Just Shared The Whole Video Of Her & RM's Epic "Boy With Luv" Secret Handshake


By now, you know that Halsey and all the members of BTS are basically best friends. They've been shouting about their respect for each other as artists for years now, and after working on “Boy With Luv” together, BTS and Halsey's bond is stronger than ever and transcends language and culture. And Halsey just shared a video that proves how much fun they all have with each other. The video of RM and Halsey’s “Boy With Luv” secret handshake will definitely make your heart melt!

In an April 16 tweet, Halsey shared a video of her and RM from BTS doing their own secret handshake. A little peice of it was featured in the "Boy With Luv" music video (which smashed the records for most YouTube views in 24 hours previously set by BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande).

While the handshake in its entirety is pretty dang awesome, lots of fans are pointing out that there’s plenty of interesting stuff going on in the video. For example, while Halsey and RM demonstrate their secret handshake, Jimin is playfully boxing with a woman (presumably a staff member) in the background. When he realizes they’re on camera, he gently moves her out of the shot (seemingly in the interest of protecting her privacy). Suga also appears to step in front of another staff member in the back of the room when he realizes someone is filming RM and Halsey. Could they be any sweeter?!

Next to them is Jungkook, who is holding V’s dog Tannie and looking like he’s having a great time (because who wouldn't have a great time playing with Tannie?).

So, there’s plenty of fun going on in the video. As for Halsey and RM’s handshake, it’s a pretty complex one and they both have it down pat, for sure! Plus, they both seem to have a blast together. Here’s a look at the video Halsey shared on Twitter:

This isn’t the only time Halsey has shared a video of her spending time with BTS. Back in May 2017, the singer shared another video on Twitter of her visiting BTS before they left town. In the video, you can see her shaking some of BTS’ hands and giving them a gift of churros, which the guys apparently love. In turn, BTS gifted her with some Korean candy. Both BTS and Halsey were super excited by their gifts and had fun sharing them with each other. Here’s a look at that video:

All the BTS love emanating from Halsey is so precious in both of these videos! But wait, there’s more. In August 2018, Halsey absolutely gushed about BTS while doing an interview with MYX Philippines. During the interview, she was asked which BTS member was her favorite and she really couldn’t come up with an answer because she loves them all so much! At the very end, though, she kind of whispers that RM has a special place in her heart! You can check that video out down below:

All in all, I’d say that Halsey and the BTS boys have forged a true friendship that will probably stand the test of time. And one of the things that BTS and Halsey fans alike can count on is that their friendship will forever be solidified in “Boy With Luv.” The video is so full of love and fun (and talent!) that it’s hard to dismiss it. Plus, the support BTS and Halsey show for each other in the video is amazing. I hope they collaborate again sometime in the future because it would be a shame if they didn’t. I just love their friendship!