Prince Harry Hugged A 4-Year-Old Fan For The Sweetest, Most Relatable Reason

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are a lot of reasons to love Prince Harry. He’s intelligent, charming, good-looking, and a prince to boot! But one little fan, who happens to be just 4 years old, loves Harry for a totally refreshing reason: he’s a ginger! With a sign that read “Gingers Unite," the young fan (also a ginger) grabbed Harry’s attention and got some special treatment because of it! The video of Prince Harry hugging a young fan will melt your heart.

During a Monday, Jan. 14 trip to Hamilton Square in Birkenhead, England, Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stopped to greet fans. Among the crowd was 4-year-old Eliza Morris, who expressed a sense of kinship with Harry thanks to her red locks. Morris was holding a sign that read "#Gingers Unite — I love you Harry" and seeing this, Harry stopped to have a moment with the youngster.

According to Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English, Harry said of the sign, “I love this! Do you love your hair? The sign is amazing!”

After having a brief chat with Morris and her mother, Harry gave the girl a hug, which she seemed really happy about! The crowd even cooed as the two gingers came together, so it’s a really sweet moment! You can check out the video down below as posted to Twitter by English:

And here’s a close-up of little Eliza’s sign, which is just too cute:

In another video, Harry can be seen bonding with some kids from Fun Train Nursery, who apparently made paper flowers to give to him. Upon seeing the kids and their flowers, Harry squatted down to chat with them.

“I love this! Did you guys make this yourselves?” he says to them. After, he shares a few laughs with them and even tries to get a high five out of a few kids. It’s too cute! Take a look:

Harry wasn’t the only royal who shared some adorable moments with youngsters while in Birkenhead, though! Meghan did, too! When a fan handed her some paper flowers, she was totally delighted by the gift and seemed to think it was a genuinely sweet gesture.

“Oh my goodness! Did you make this?” Meghan said to a child who wasn’t visible in the video.

Meghan also received real flowers, but she seemed particularly taken with the paper flowers. Here’s a look at that moment:

Aside from bonding with kids and receiving paper flowers as gifts, Meghan was also busy chatting with adults as well. According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Meghan revealed to one woman in the crowd at Birkenhead that she’s six months pregnant right now. That means she’s likely due to give birth at the end of April, which is big news! A due date for Meghan and Harry’s baby wasn’t previously known, so now the world knows went to watch out for the new royal baby’s arrival!

Baby revelations aside, though, it seems like Harry and Meghan had a fantastic time in Birkenhead. I just love seeing them connect with fans. Don’t you?