Miley Cyrus pranked Iggy Azalea with a smoke machine on Instagram.

Miley Pulled The Best Prank On Iggy Azalea With A Smoke Machine & The Video Is Hilarious

James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus fans are having an incredible week. Her new album Plastic Hearts just dropped, she's doing tons of promotion for it, and she's having a blast interacting with her fans online. One particular interaction, however, has fans absolutely losing it: After she went live on TikTok, a savvy fan started screen recording and now this video of Miley Cyrus & Iggy Azalea panicking in smoke is causing internet pandemonium. Don't worry, though, both stars are safe — it was just a prank engineered by the Plastic Hearts singer.

Cyrus and Azalea were relaxing in a dressing room on Nov. 26 streaming live to Cyrus' TikTok followers, when suddenly smoke began to fill the room and their door locked from the outside. Azalea panicked immediately, and hid under her coat while saying, "We can survive this!" Cyrus pretended to call 911 before revealing the prank to Azalea, and that there was no real fire — just a cleverly-placed smoke machine. Someone reboot Punk'd immediately, again.

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Thankfully, Azalea took the prank well and tweeted in support of Cyrus' new album while laughing off the incident on Twitter. In all fairness, the prank was a little scary, and if you were watching it live, you were likely praying for the duo's safety. To Cyrus' credit, she ended the prank pretty quickly before any real drama went down or doors were busted open. If Azalea can laugh, we all can, too.

Cyrus has truly been the center of attention on social media lately, with her latest stunt adding to the pile of moments she's shared with her fans. On Oct. 6, her "Heart of Glass" cover released to widespread critical acclaim, kicking off her viral album rollout leading up to its Nov. 27 release.

The new record is a rock-influenced romp through a universe of Top 40-esque greatness; Plastic Hearts takes listeners back to the '70s, while keeping them anchored in the present through Cyrus' soothing pop melodies and star power. She's getting all the love she needs from her fans right now for the new music, and while the stunt with Azalea was a funny one-off prank, some fans are crossing their fingers for a collab. Who knows what the future holds for the two? Maybe Azalea will get her back someday!