Kylie & Kris Jenner Have The Most Unexpected Fight On 'KUWTK'

by Jamie LeeLo

In a battle between Hollywood's ultimate momager and the world's youngest self-made billionaire... who gets the best parking spot? That's the great debate in the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians teaser. The video of Kylie and Kris Jenner feuding over control of Kylie's office for her cosmetics line may be some of the more mild drama fans have seen, but it's fascinating nonetheless. It's no secret Kylie's makeup empire is taking over the planet, but what about Kris taking over the cosmetics hub?

Let the games begin.

In the teaser video, we see Kylie confiding in her big sister Khloé about how their mom is "doing too much" with her office. "My office that I just got and pay way too much a month and have spent so much time making it perfect..." she explains. Khloé then reveals that Kris already took the liberty of giving her and Scott Disick the grand tour, much to Kylie's annoyance and surprise. "Stop. What? I told her not to show any of you guys until I was there to give you the grand tour."

Smash cut to footage of Kris walking Khloé and Disick through "her" new space.


Kylie also explains to Khloé that her mom parks in the spot allocated for her. Khloé stokes the flames a little bit by stating, "Just, respect whose it is."

Meanwhile, across town in a different sweeping room, Kris Jenner chats about the conflict with her oldest daughter and Kylie's oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian on the phone. Kris explains to Kourtney that Kylie has been "so territorial" lately and that she's "not sure what's going on" with her. Kris also brings up the parking spot debacle and recounts her side of the story.

"In front of everybody at the office, she's like, 'Don't ever park in my parking space again. It's the one thing that means something to me. I've worked so hard.' And I'm like, oh my goodness," Kris said. She also said that Kylie locked her out of the true office space inside the building because Kylie had to do her own work.


Honestly, I see both sides. In one corner, Kylie and Khloé are musing on how it is, in fact, Kylie's company and her mom is overstepping. In the other corner, Kourtney tells Kris Jenner Kylie's getting a little too big for her billionaire britches but "no one says anything because she's Kylie Billionaire Jenner." (Khloé's take? "There's no f*cking friends and loyalty in the game of being a billionaire.")

The clip ends with Kris taking Kourtney's advice: "Don't let her boss you around. You're Kris MF Jenner. You're her mother."

I hate to say it, but it feels like it all comes back to who's really responsible for all the financial success in this company? There is strong evidence that Kris Jenner played a key role in helping her youngest daughter become a businesswoman, but Kylie maintains that the entire company came from her own money that she earned independently from her parents.

Guess we'll have to see who wins the parking spot when the episode airs on Sunday, June 30. (Most of my money is on Kylie. 10% is on Kris.)