Stormi Took Care Of Kylie After Her Dentist Appointment & Why Am I Sobbing?

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner never misses an opportunity to showcase her daughter's cutest moments on her Instagram Story. From sharing a clip of Stormi's epic 2nd birthday party and a video of her learning her numbers, fans can always count on the makeup mogul to document all of Stormi's biggest milestones. The toddler is constantly learning new things, including how to take care of Jenner when she's not feeling well. This video of Kylie Jenner and Stormi cuddling after her dentist visit is so sweet.

On Feb. 18, Jenner revealed on her IG that she recently took a trip to the dentist. "Hi, I got my wisdom teeth taken out," the star captioned a photo of herself watching TV, adding, "This sucks."

Despite being in pain, Jenner continued to post to her Story as usual, even promoting her Kylie Skin line to fans. In the middle of it all, Jenner offered fans a glimpse into her relaxing day at home after her procedure, revealing she and her daughter have been spending the whole day together.

The video showed Jenner and Stormi cuddling in bed together wearing pajamas. As if the video couldn't get any cuter, Jenner came to a huge realization. "Are you taking care of mommy? Are you taking care of me? Have you been taking care of me?" Jenner asked her daughter.

"Yeah," Stormi shouted, followed by Jenner saying, "You have."

Watch the video below.

If you're wondering what Jenner and Stormi did all day, it seems they had a counting lesson together. In another video posted to her Story, the mother-daughter duo took their time going down a flight of stairs, and Jenner used the opportunity to teach Stormi her numbers. After Stormi successfully counted to nine, she skipped all the way to 20, but Jenner made sure to correct her, and the toddler moved on like a pro.

Hanging out with Stormi may have cheered Jenner up, but in a later post, Jenner said she was still recovering from her procedure. "About to shower and change into my next set of pajamas for the day. not moving," she captioned her post.

Luckily, Jenner has Stormi to keep her company while she recovers.