Kim Kardashian Dragged Khloé's Style

Kim K Totally Dragged Khloé's Style & Her Reaction Was Priceless

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the most stylish people on the planet, having been a stylist for years before launching her own career and brand as a fashion icon. Now, it seems she's ready to give her sister's look an overhaul. This video of Kim Kardashian dragging Khloé's style before asking to give her a makeover is a lot.

In a promotional clip for the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians airing Sunday, Dec. 15, Kim visited Khloé Kardashian and suggested she could improve her sister's life.

"OK, so I came over here because I have a proposition. I think I can make your life so much easier and so much cooler... if I give you a makeover," Kim said, implying Khloé needs one.

"It's time. It's time to just step it up," Kim continued. "And it's like... ugh. The things I could do to give you a makeover. Not that you need one," she said, winking at Khloé.

"What do you want to do?" KoKo asked, with the most exaggerated eye roll.

"Just like get rid of some of your sparkly boots and whole vibe," Kim finished. That was a little contradictory and it seems like Khloé thought so, too, telling Kim, "Actually I'm told I have really good style from a lot of people."

"Really? What people?" Kim shot back.

"Alright. Who do you want me to be? What sister are you trying to morph me into?" asked Khloé.

"It's like, you're not like how Kendall dresses," Kim said.

Khloé clearly had enough and fired back, "Kendall's a f*cking gazelle and then you and Kylie are like the sex pots of the world."

Kim, unfazed by the label, answered back, "Yeah, that's why it's going to be a challenge."

This isn't the first time Kim shamelessly criticized her sisters' style. During a trip to Tokyo, Japan, in October 2018, Kim ripped into Khloé and her sister Kourtney Kardashian's street style.

"So I gotta be real with you guys. You look like f*cking clowns," Kim said, referring to Kourtney's blue eye shadow and Khloé's turquoise mini dress. "I'm not f*cking kidding. This is not like a tourist thing where it's Halloween, dress up like a f*cking Japanese geisha unless we're at a geisha house."

Kim seems to have good intentions, but it might be best to let Khloé and Kourtney handle their own fashion choices with their respective stylists.