Justin Bieber Sang An Emotional Song At His Church That Will Move You

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Take 'em to church! Justin Bieber is using his gift in the Lord's house and I ain't mad at it. Honestly, what better place for the voice of an angel? But seriously you guys, be prepared to be moved. I sure was. Bieber sang my favorite church tune and I can't even. This video of Justin Bieber singing "Never Would Have Made It" is everything you need to get you to the weekend.

In the video obtained by TMZ, Bieber is center stage among the worship leaders at Churchome in Los Angeles on Aug. 28. He sings the lyrics to Marvin Sapp's "Never Would Have Made It" while ad-libbing some of his own lyrics, a common practice when you are feeling the spirit, mkay?

In his Drew shorts, a white tee, and a black beanie, he sings:

And now I see that how you were there for me/ And I can say/ Never would have made it/ Never would have made it without you/ I would have lost it all, yeah

In a second clip, Churchome's lead pastor, Judah Smith, talks about meeting Bieber for the first time before touching on his incredible talent being used in the Lord's house.

"We first met Justin in Toronto and he's always been a worshipper... It's a lot of who he is," he said. "I want him to be a part of the church where everyone gets a fair share to contribute to the community... who am I to stand in the way of someone who clearly has a gift to lead worship?"

Bieber, who often shares his religious views with his followers over social media, revealed to the congregation why he was initially reluctant to sing in the church. "I wanna second that, too. I've kinda not done this because I felt like... I just don't want people to think like this is a show." Totally understandable. He's there to feel the spirit, pray, and fellowship, not perform like he's on tour, which he hasn't done since 2017.

The video has received a ton of supportive comments on YouTube. "While Justin was searching to find himself he found the Lord, Amen Brother!" one viewer wrote in the comments. "Feels like he was created for this. More please," wrote another viewer, followed by, "Glad he found God and he is on the right path. God bless you Justin and Hailey."

Others asked for a gospel album. "This [is] awesome....Now the gospel album...I am so proud of him, praising God through a song, thank you, Justin!!!" wrote one fan. "Yes!! I’ve been waiting for this!! He should make a worship album!! I would buy it!" wrote another. *Shrug* Fans will be fans.

This actually isn't the first time Bieber's used his heavenly gifts to lead worship. In April 2018, he performed at Churchome's Coachella event, singing gospel bops "Reckless Love" by Cory Asbury and "Tremble" by Mosaic MSC.

Aww... his voice is seriously so angelic and it's been a hot second since we got a studio album from Bieber. If his next record were to be a gospel one, I'd snatch it up in a flash. On the flip side, I honestly don't mind whatever his next move is as long as it gives him peace of mind and makes him happy. Beliebers, can I get an amen?!