John Krasinski appears on Live With Kelly and Ryan.

John Krasinski's Fake British Accent Is Terrible & Yet, I Love It So Much

YouTube/Live With Kelly and Ryan

PSA: John Krasinski is an absolute gem and we don't deserve him. The Massachusetts-born actor may have a slight Boston accent, but nothing is more entertaining than his attempts at his wife's British accent. Let's just say it's a work in progress. Emily Blunt, who hails from London, has been less than impressed with her hubby's attempt at imitating her accent. But that doesn't mean he can't try. This video of John Krasinski doing a British accent is pure hilarity.

It was during his March 16 appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan that Krasinski delivered his best attempt at a British accent. However, he first explained to both hosts just how much his whole family roasts him each time he tries. Apparently, when Krasinski attempts a British accent at home, his two daughters, Hazel and Violet, burst out laughing.

"I tried, and she [my wife] was very quick to tell me how bad it was," John explained. "I was OK with her not thinking it was good, but then she told our kids it's not good, so now they laugh at me when I do it," he said. "Emily goes to the kids, 'I know.'"

You can see Krasinski's interview and best attempt at a British accent below.

Krasinski also used the interview to joke about the couple name he tried to make happen for himself and Blunt. Unlike the likes of "Jailey," and "Jophie," Krasinski was disappointed fans didn't figure out a celebrity couple name for them.

"I tried real hard to get 'Krunt' out there," Krasinski said. "My wife hated it... I just kept going around like 'KRUNT,' and she was like 'please don't do that it's embarrassing.'"

OK, so Krasinski couldn't make Krunt happen, but he hasn't given up on nailing his British accent just yet. His wife and kids may roast him for it, but, hey, practice makes perfect, and his accent is truly one of those things that's so bad it's good.