Jimin & Jin Sing Happy Birthday To RM In Sweet Harmony In This New Video


BTS never stops giving. The group's third film about their lives on tour, Bring The Soul: The Movie, just hit select theaters, and the group also dropped a video of BTS' Jimin and Jin singing "Happy Birthday" to RM like the little songbirds they are. Aug. 7, man. What a day to be in the BTS ARMY.

The video was released by Big Hit Entertainment as a Bangtan Bomb on BTS' YouTube channel. It's one of those behind-the-scenes videos the group frequently drops, giving fans fun backstage looks at RM, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, and V as they navigate their hectic lives of touring and making music. They always find time to unwind and have fun, though, and luckily for fans, those moments are frequently caught on camera.

In the video, which was recorded on RM's birthday on Sept. 12, 2018, the guys are hanging out backstage before their iconic performance on America's Got Talent. Jimin and Jin are joking around about RM getting to celebrate his birthday two days in a row because of the different time zones they were in over the span of two days. They end up singing "Happy Birthday" in English to RM in the video, showing off their angelic voices while doing it.

Big Hit posted the video to YouTube with Korean subtitles, but you can check out the video with English translations below.

When it comes time in the song to sing the lines, "Happy birthday, dear RM," Jin instead sings, "Happy birthday, my broooooo." Then, the two perfectly harmonize the last line.

RM's reaction to the performance is hilariously casual. He's just like, "Thanks, dudes. Nice job. Now let's get this bread." Then Jimin gives RM a "birthday spank" on the back. Cute? Cute.

Fans in the comment section of the video (outside of wondering why Big Hit posted the video on Aug. 7 instead of anytime remotely closer to RM's actual birthday in 2018), are obsessing over Jimin and Jin's vocals.

"Imagine two of the best vocalists in the whole world singing you 'Happy Birthday' Namjoon can relate," one user wrote.

"I really liked the harmony of Jin and Jimin's voice when they were singing Happy birthday💗," wrote another fan.

"BTS singing happy birthday to namjoon is so cute and adorable," another comment reads. This is the content the ARMY wants to see, Big Hit!

Other content the ARMY can't wait to see is a whole damn movie. Yup, Bring The Soul: The Movie is finally out in theaters, giving the group's fans an intimate look into the lives of the BTS boys while on their Love Yourself tour.

The description of the movie's plot on BringTheSoulTheMovie.com says,

On the day following the final concert of their Europe tour, on a rooftop in Paris, BTS tells their very own stories from experiencing new cities to performing in front of thousands of ARMY across the globe. A glimpse into BTS’ world away from the stage, featuring intimate group discussions alongside spectacular concert performances from the tour, this is a cinema event not to be missed. The journey of BTS continues!

Suffice it say, the ARMY is flocking to movie theaters worldwide in droves.

Anyway, happy belated birthday, RM! Here's hoping Jimin and Jin reprise this heavenly harmony on your upcoming birthday.