J.Lo Singing "Limitless" With Her Daughter On Stage Is The Purest Moment

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In case you didn't know, J.Lo's daughter can sing. Like, saaang, sing. Paired with her mother, the duo can make you cry. This video of Jennifer Lopez and Emme Muniz performing "Limitless" will make you tear up and then call your mom in hopes of recreating this sweet, sweet moment. OK, so the last part is just me, but it's all so touching. I'm also very impressed.

The 10-year-old daughter of J.Lo and Marc Anthony joined her mother in front of thousands during the opening night of J.Lo's It's My Party Tour at the Forum in Los Angeles on Friday, June 7, and effortlessly belted some serious high notes. Fearless.

In a video posted to J.Lo's Instagram account, J.Lo and her coconut (that's what J.Lo calls her, so cute!) are center stage in matching red ensembles. Emme, need I remind you is a mere 10-years-old and looks totally comfortable on stage. Like, this-is-her-calling comfortable on stage.

Her confidence and serious vocal skills even threw her mom for a loop. Did you catch how shook J.Lo got when her little baby hit that high note? J.Lo's face is all of us! Can someone come get my jaw off the ground?

Jenny from the Block also bowed down to Emme as they both sang "I'm limitless" and I can't help but think what a better way to raise another boss babe by singing such an empowering anthem together? Mom goals.

Emme is clearly a performer at heart. In a behind-the-scenes tour video posted to J.Lo's YouTube account, we get a glimpse of the starlet as a double-threat. In the clip, J.Lo finished rehearsing some tunes with her performance team who are still snapping a beat. Emme proceeds to enter the room performing a cute 2-step which draws an "Ayeee" from her triple-threat mother. That means Emme was getting it.

J.Lo then asks her daughter to sing Alicia Keys "If I Ain't Got You" and that song is hard folks. Well, obviously not for Emme. She handled it like a boss, so much so, Lopez even says, "We should have her come out and do something on tour." At that moment, Emme acts really shy and J.Lo says she doesn't have to sing if she doesn't want to, but maybe it was just part of a brilliant ploy to surprise all of us before she tore the roof off of The Forum. Well played, Emme.

We should have known, seeing as her 49-year-old mom has previously posted snippets of Emme performing before.

In this clip, Emme is belting it yet again while her twin brother, Max, dances by her side. Lopez's throwback video is captioned: "Scrolling through my phone and found this video of my coconuts. I blinked and now they’re fearlessly performing in their 5th grade play."

It is also hashtagged "Emmesvoicemakesmemelt," and "Maxstaratthrendmakesmehappy," which translates to "Emmes voice makes me melt," and "Max's star at the [sic] end makes me happy."

That video also makes me happy.

J.Lo's It's My Party Tour, which celebrates the "Medicine" singer's 50th birthday, is far from over, so I'm hoping we get more videos of the rest of the family on stage. But for now, we can enjoy this video of her fiancé Alex Rodriguez jamming with his daughter Ella from floor seats.