Jenna Dewan Got A Psychic Reading & Her Late Grandpa's Message About Soulmates Is Beautiful

by Jamie LeeLo

There's no denying Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum's divorce is one of the celebrity breakups of 2018 that hurt the most. When the two announced their split back in early April, Step Up fans took a moment of silence. Since then, the two have maintained an amicable and mutual respect for one another, reminding us all how they're just, like, the best. Dewan recently stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden where the host surprised her with a unique psychic reading, and it definitely got emotional. This video of Jenna Dewan getting a psychic reading about soulmates after her split with Tatum will make even the coldest of hearts soften. Seriously.

This is the setup: Corden wanted to treat Dewan to a special experience as part of her guest appearance on his show. As a surprise, Corden had medium and driver Thomas John of the Lifetime series Seatbelt Psychic scoop her up and give her a reading on their ride. According to both Dewan and Corden, she had no idea this was coming. During the five minute video, John blows Dewan away, hitting the nail on the head with messages from some of her late family members.

First, he tapped into her late grandfather, Elias, whom he guessed with the letters "EL." He also knew Dewan had an astronaut in her family and that her late grandmother communicates with her mom by sending red cardinals. All along, Dewan vehemently confirmed what John was saying and looked both shocked and delighted.


Towards the end of their drive together, John revealed her other grandfather passed away after his wife because he simply couldn't live without her, explaining, "they were soulmates." John senses this is the true message he is supposed to give her, adding, "Soulmates in life take on many different forms."

(Brace yourself.)

He continued,

Soulmates do not only have to be in a romantic context. Sometimes you are soulmates with your parents, with your friends. I do feel there has been this whole inventory with, like, friendships, your relationships, like needing to look at certain things...

Then, he drops the real emotional doozy, explaining, "You can go forward in confidence knowing that there's a lot of support for the decision you're making."

Um... hello?

While it's totally possible I'm reading into this here, it sure does sound like he's talking about her divorce, right?

Upon getting out of the car Dewan tells him, "You are amazing." Do yourself a favor and watch the whole exchange below.

Whether you believe in mediums or not, it's obvious this guy hits close to home for Dewan. While she's been nothing but strong and level-headed since her divorce, she did recently reveal to Women's Health magazine that she's done "a lot of work healing from the inside out."

Your fans are forever behind you, Jenna!

In the meantime, can someone get me the number of this psychic? I have a few things I need to sort out.

You can catch the season finale of Seatbelt Psychic on Wednesday, August 1, at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.