Chrissy Teigen Just Got Scared Within An Inch Of Her Life On 'Ellen,' So Prepare To LOL

by Karen Ruffini

Are you in the Halloween spirit yet? Here's a simple way to find out: Do you have spooky decorations adorning your walls? Is your costume all prepped for the Halloween party? And, most importantly, are you preparing to visit a haunted house? If the answer is 'Yes' to all of the above, then congrats! You're totally ready for our spookiest holiday. It seems like our girl Chrissy Teigen is also in the mood for a frighteningly good time (yes, I will keep using Halloween puns), and this video of Ellen DeGeneres scaring Chrissy Teigen as she tours a haunted house is everything you'd ever want.

So, you know how Ellen DeGeneres is the actual best at scaring people when they come on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Well, boys and ghouls, she took things one step further and, instead of having a spooky situation play out on the set of her show, she instead sent Chrissy Teigen out with executive producer Andy Lassner to The Purge maze and haunted house at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Oh hell yes.

"One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to send Andy to a haunted house," Ellen tells her audience, revealing that she decided that our girl Chrissy Teigen would go with him this year. "I would like to say Andy was really brave, but that would be a total lie. Let's all enjoy," she says, then rolls the footage.

You guys, within the first minute we get to see Chrissy and Andy get freaked the hell out by a masked person in costume jumping out, and their reaction is actually priceless:


The two then stroll through a room of creepy mannequins, aka my literal worst nightmare. They try talking themselves down, just convincing themselves they're in a room full of "dummies"... until, you know, one pops out at them:


Honestly, each scary room is more entertaining than the last, but it's the commentary between Chrissy and Andy that is pure gold.

"I'm alpha," Andy tries to stoically tell Chrissy, before subtly making her go first into a room.

"I thought you were the alpha!" she says.

"I'm alpha in terms of, you follow my direction. By alpha, it doesn't mean I go first," he quickly admits, before getting interrupted by a bloody, cleaver-wielding person:


Honestly, I can't explain to you how much I'm enjoying watching these two getting absolutely rocked by this creepy haunted house. It's only after I watch Andy use Chrissy as a human shield on more than one occasion that I dub this video my Favorite Video of 2018.

I mean, just look at that grip he has:


Chrissy looks so brave. Andy looks so terrified.

I mean, can we just appreciate Andy's tactic:


Andy doesn't even care that Chrissy Teigen is one of the most highly respected Twitter users of our time:


If only one of them is making it out of the haunted house alive, Andy is making sure that it's him:


After they both (thankfully) reach the end, Andy asked Chrissy if she felt safe with him.

"I did. I've gotta say, you were the alpha, I've seen a lot of these and you usually cower, but you took an alpha male role," she says, as a compilation of moments displaying Andy's "alpha-like" moments begins to play, like this:


You can watch the entire hilarious video below, but be prepared to pee yourself with laughter (or fright, depending on how easily you scare):

I've got to hand it to Chrissy. In a worst-case-scenario situation, she totally seems like your go-to girl for protection and bravery. If ever there's an apocalypse, I'm pretty sure I found the person I'd want to roll with.