Twitter Can’t Handle The Hilarious AF Moment Dancing Dinos Stormed Iowa State’s Halftime Show

Twitter/FOX College Football

Forget Maroon 5, because the internet has a new contender in mind for this year's Super Bowl performance headliner. This video of dancing dinos at Iowa State’s halftime Show — set to the iconic soundtrack of Jurassic Park, of course — has gone viral, and it might just be the most hilarious performance of the season. With the Iowa State University marching band playing in the background, there's dinosaurs awkwardly shuffling, dipping, and twirling during the synchronized dance number, and people are totally losing it.

On Saturday, Oct. 13, Iowa State pulled off a meme-worthy moment for the books when thirty T. Rex dinosaurs stormed the football field to bust a move. The simultaneously bizarre and hilarious dance number went viral after a few sports news outlets retweeted the video with the reaction that was probably on everyone's mind: "What is happening."

WTF moments aside, the Iowa State Cyclones ended up winning Saturday's match against the West Virginia Mountaineers in Ames, Iowa with a score of 30-14, meaning that the dancing dinos could have imparted enough school spirit to give their team an edge over the competition. According to Twitter, the marching band and its accompanying dancers are the real MVPs from game day.

The hilarious video clip shows thirty suited "dinos" scurrying onto the field as the first notes from Jurassic Park's iconic theme song plays in the background. They then proceed to side-step, lean from side to side, and twirl before doing a pretty convincing head bang. The climax comes at the end when all thirty suddenly break into a spirited jig that somehow manages to be (mostly) coordinated. I mean, is there anything better than inflatable shimmying dinos dancing their little T. Rex hearts out? Nope, no there isn't. TBH, it's the best thing I've seen this week, and it'll make you want to re-watch Jurassic Park ASAP.

Unsurprisingly, the internet is having a complete field day over the performance.

The timing couldn't be more perfect considering that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was released back in June, and several social media users noted that the Iowa State marching band appeared to have taken notes from the University of Michigan's halftime performance on Sept. 9, 2017, which also included dancers dressed up in the same inflatable T. Rex costumes while invading the football field with a synchronized dance routine.

OK, so the whole dancing dino thing might have been done before, but it's clear from the Twitterverse's reaction to Iowa State's recent take on the Jurassic Park theme that a group of fumbling, dancing dinos will never fail to get the crowd riled up for a big football game. Plus, judging from both teams' winning scorecards (the University of Michigan Wolverines beat the Cincinnati Bearcats by a score of 36 to 14 during last September's game), football and Jurassic Park appears to be a pretty unbeatable combination. In other words, cue the John Williams and wait for the touchdowns to come pouring in.