This video of Chris Evans being scared on Thanksgiving is the best gift.

Chris Evans Walking Around With His Belt Unbuckled In This Video Is A Thanksgiving Vibe

by Daffany Chan
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Most of us enjoyed a massive feast on Thanksgiving, and Chris Evans was no exception. Chris was caught off guard in a humorous moment after dinner, and thankfully for fans, it was all captured on social media. Check out this video of Chris Evans getting scared on Thanksgiving for a good chuckle.

Chris' brother, Scott Evans, posted an Instagram Story of the Captain America star on Thanksgiving Day. The hilarious home clip of Chris is a treat for fans — not to mention the fact that the Marvel heartthrob's biceps are on full display. In the video, Scott scares Chris by popping out and letting out a scream at the other end of the hallway. Chris sports an adorable look of shock as he's caught in the moment with an unbuckled belt. In the Instagram Story, Scott writes, "Finally got a good scare on this guy. And yes, even @chrisevans needs to unbuckle his belt after a big Thanksgiving meal." It's good to know even Marvel stars have to loosen up their waistband after a Thanksgiving feast.

Chris was recently in another viral internet post when he was spotted playing piano on his Instagram story on Nov. 24. Evans captioned the video, "Learning one of my favorites by Fabrizio Paterlini." In the clip, Chris closes his eyes while showing off his music chops on the piano, before turning and smirking at the camera for his followers. Plenty of fans shared on Twitter how impressed they were over Chris' secret talent.

Chris has also been spending his free time with his rescue dog, Dodger. He even joined his pal Aly Raisman on a puppy play date with her new rescue dog, Mylo. Raisman shared an adorable video of Chris on Nov. 15 playing with Mylo. She also shared a 30-second video captioned "Dodger & Mylo play date," featuring the two pooches roughhousing. At one point, Chris intervenes and tells Dodger "Gentle, gentle" when playing with Mylo. "Dodger looks huge compared to him," Raisman says, to which Evans replies, "That's because he is."

Given how active Chris has been on social media lately, you should make sure to be on the lookout for more sightings of the actor as the holiday season continues.