Here's A Video Of Chris Evans Playing A Beautiful Song On The Piano, You're Welcome

Vera Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images

Oh, Captain America, you do so much for us. A video of Chris Evans playing the piano is making the rounds on the internet after the Marvel heartthrob posted it to his Instagram story on Nov. 24. In addition to the usual heart-eye emoji replies to the viral video now circulating on Twitter, people are expressing how earnestly impressed they are with the star's skills on the keys. Captain America must use all his time off in the Avengers lair to practice concertos!

Evans captioned the video, "Learning one of my favorites by Fabrizio Paterlini," but it seems he already has the song down pat. In the clip, he closes his eyes to get lost in the sweet, sweet music before turning his attention to the camera and smirking at his followers. He knew exactly what he was doing with this one.

"Funny how Mozart been real quiet ever since Chris Evans dropped this," a Twitter user wrote about the video, while another commented that the eye contact was almost too much hotness to handle. How long has Evans been hiding this secret talent from the world, and why has he not sold out Carnegie Hall yet?

The actor previously revealed his musical talents in March 2019, when he expressed his interest in starring in an adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors. "I want to do a musical so badly, man," he told The Hollywood Reporter. He even revealed he acted in musicals in high school, like West Side Story, and he's a pro at tap dancing. He might've aged out of auditions for the upcoming Steven Spielberg remake of West Side Story, but that shouldn't stop him from pursuing something music-related in the future.

In an alternate universe, we would have a Chris Evans album listening party organized by now, but there are currently no signs of any solo artistic pursuits in the near future for the Avengers actor. Regardless, it's nice to know Evans can serenade you in your dreams and even tickle the ivories while he's at it. When Broadway opens back up, let's just cross our fingers that Disney makes Captain America: The Musical a reality.