Thomas Petrou Covered Lil Huddy's Room With Photos Of Charli & It's A Lot

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Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy, cannot escape his ex-girlfriend Charli D'Amelio and it's not just because they share similar TikToker friends. It's been over a month since the former couple confirmed their breakup, and it seems Hudson's pals are keeping him on his toes by surprising him with D'Amelio memorabilia. This video of Chase Hudson's room covered in Charli D'Amelio pictures is a lot to take in.

For months, Hudson and D'Amelio were #relationshipgoals as they mastered TikTok videos together and constantly gushed over each other on social media. Come mid-April, however, things began to go downhill in the romance department.

D'Amelio announced her split from Hudson in an emotional Instagram Story on April 13, confirming the two are still "close friends," and they made a mutual decision to do what's "best for both" of them and breakup. "I truly have so much love for Chase and wish nothing but the best for him!" D'Amelio added.

Hudson shared his own comments in an IG Story, writing: "Charli is such an amazing person, and I am so beyond grateful and blessed to have spent the time I spent with her. We will always be friends and she will always hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life."

Courtesy of Chase Hudson on Instagram

While it seemed like there were no hard feelings between Hudson and D'Amelio, just like any other breakup, it takes time to heal. And within five weeks of their split, Hudson's friend Thomas Petrou decided it was time to play a prank on Hudson — one that involved D'Amelio.

Petrou plastered dozens of photos of D'Amelio to the walls of Hudson's bedroom and bathroom. Petrou shared the *entire* process of decorating Hudson's room in a Vlog, in which D'Amelio's sister, Dixie, just so happened to FaceTime him during.

“That’s so mean!” Dixie said, laughing. “Oh my god. I love it!”

Despite Hudson being completely surprised by the room full of D'Amelio pics, it's clear from Petrou's Vlog that everyone had a good laugh at the prank.