Cardi B's Reaction To Offset's Mother's Day Surprise For Her Is Too Sweet

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There is no denying that every single mom out there deserves to be treated like a kween on Mother's Day, and that includes any and all super busy moms like Cardi B. The hip-hop goddess and new mom was completely devastated to be away for work this year on Sunday, May 12, but her rapper hubby, Offset, surprised Cardi at work with their daughter, Kulture, along with a handful of super sweet gifts. So, if you haven't already seen this video of Cardi B's Mother's Day 2019 celebration, it's beyond heartwarming.

Spending time with your kids on Mother's Day is definitely ideal, but when you're as busy as Cardi, sometimes getting the chance to do so might not be in the cards. According to People, the "I Like It" rapper originally thought she would have to be in South Carolina for a work obligation, and didn't think she would get the chance to see her family on Mother's Day. However, the performer's husband came in clutch and surprised Cardi with her 10-month-old daughter Kulture (and also Birkin bags!) to celebrate her motherhood. Make sure to check out the video Cardi posted of the celebration, below — it's really, really cute.

In the video, Cardi is evidently overcome with joy to see her daughter and husband. She said, “I’m not saying I got the best husband ever, but I really go the best husband ever. Thank you babe, I love you! Bringin’ my baby… Hi mama!”

Cardi continued, gushing over all the gorgeous gifts they brought for her. She said, “...and my Birkins! Ooh, thank you so much!”

Clearly, she's over the moon about all of this, and honestly, I'm so happy for her. Not only did she get to see her baby girl, but Offset also came in clutch with not one, but two Birkin bags.

The enthusiastic caption read:

I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you @OffsetYRN Thank you for surprising me with my baby and my gifts I love you soooo much.

My heart seriously cannot take this much love — it's too sweet.

Offset and Cardi B clearly love Kulture more than anything in the world. A few months ago, Offset posted a video to Instagram, showing Cardi playing with Kulture, and the mother-daughter moment will definitely pull at your heartstrings. Kulture is wearing an adorable hat and matching pajamas, while being held by someone off camera. You can hear Cardi in the background making baby noises and saying, "Yay, Kulture! Kulture, look at mommy! Look at mommy! Look at mamma! Pretty girl.” It's so cute, and it's so evident how much Cardi loves being a mom. Offset captioned the video “My beautiful baby girl #raisingqueens👑👑,” so he clearly feels the same way.

While every mom deserves a major "thank you" today (and every day, to be honest) some moms out there simply aren't able to spend time with their kids for the annual holiday. And even though Cardi didn't think she would be able to see Kulture on Sunday, Offset definitely came through by surprising her. Wishing Cardi B the happiest of Mother's Days — the new mom of one most definitely deserves it.