This Video Of BTS Reacting To Jungkook's 2016 'Masked Singer' Appearance Is So Hilarious


The Masked Singer has officially made its U.S. debut, and BTS is super excited to see it go down. One of their very own, Jungkook, participated in the original version of the show in South Korea (titled King of Masked Singer) in 2016 but was one of the first contestants eliminated. So in honor of Masked Singer premiering on FOX on Wednesday, Jan. 2, BTS relived Jungkook's stint on the Korean hit reality show. And the video of BTS reacting to Jungkook's 2016 Masked Singer appearance is so sweet and hilarious and supportive all at the same time. These guys are just the cutest, y'all.

King of Masked Singer originally premiered in Korea in 2015 and has since become one of the country's most popular reality TV shows. It has had many different iterations in various locations around the world thanks to the show's popularity, and according to Billboard, the U.S. title takes its inspiration from the Thai iteration of the show, The Mask Singer.

In BTS' 5-minute-long video about the show — both its Korean and American versions — the guys spend their time talking about what differences in style they're excited to see in this new version of the show. Jungkook says in the video that because it's an American interpretation of the Korean classic, he expects it to have more of a foreign program vibe. Then Suga trolls him a bit and basically says, "That's because it is a foreign program..."

You can watch the official video, which is essentially 5 minutes of BTS adorableness, here without subtitles (because give BTS all the views):

And then you can watch it here with English subtitles thanks to BTS' brilliant bilingual fans (what would I do without you?):

The guys are basically just reliving everything they loved about Jungkook's performance on King of Masked Singer. Jungkook, who performed "If You" by Big Bang on the show back in 2016 disguised in a fencing man costume, says that at that time, he wasn't as confident and sure of himself as a performer as he is now, so it was a nerve-wracking experience for him.

"Jungkook actually grows more confident when he takes off the mask!" RM says.

Jungkook says back a little sheepishly, "Yes, I might have been more nervous because of the mask."

At one point in his performance, he even did some fencing moves to show off his dancing abilities.

"And you even danced!" Jimin says.

"I danced? Me?" Jungkook responds.

Then Jimin mimics some fencing moves and says, "Fencing, you showed a fencing dance remember?" Honestly, the cutest.

At one point, RM tells his bandmates to say something in English to the American Masked Singer contestants. Jimin, who is not fluent in English, nervously and jokingly says, "Thank you."

V follows by saying, "Good luck," which is, admittedly, more appropriate. Which is why Jimin adorably stomps his foot in frustration that he didn't think of the phrase first. Check out the cuteness below:

I'm melting. I'm actually melting.

If you're still sitting here wondering what the hell they're talking about with all of this mask business, allow me to explain the new phenomenon that is The Masked Singer.

The show takes famous people and puts them in pretty epic disguises. They then perform a song in front of a panel of judges and viewers, and the judges spend the whole episode trying to figure out who is under the masks. The most infuriating/gripping part of the show is that viewers will only learn the identity of each singer once they're eliminated from the show. So during last night's series premiere, viewers watched as unidentified celebrities performed before their very eyes and only got to find out who one of them was. Spoiler alert: It was Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

People on Twitter are pretty surprised at how addictive this show is.

The show is judged by Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger and hosted by Nick Cannon. Cannon made a joke in the beginning that since he has no idea who is behind the masks, the contestants could very well be his good friends or even his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

In their video, the BTS members said they would totally be down to compete on the American version of the show since they love the Korean version so much. Maybe they are one of the contestants already and are trying to throw us off the scent?! Honestly, maybe I should watch this show since it's literally all about what I do best: creating celebrity conspiracy theories.

Now, relive Jungkook's stint on King of Masked Singer below!

Color me hooked!!