This Video Of Jimin Playing With A Balloon Will Make You Wish You Were The Balloon


Jimin is honestly the most charming person ever and fans can't help but melt whenever they see him doing something cute. Those cute moments often happen in BTS' Bangtan Bomb videos, which are short clips of the guys that Big Hit Entertainment shares with the BTS ARMY every couple of days or so. In July, Big Hit shared a two-minute video of Jimin just singing into a selfie camera and it left fans in absolute awe of Jimin's charms. Now fans can't help but talk about the video of BTS' Jimin playing with a balloon. It's so simple, so wholesome, and yet, it's everything you could possibly hope for.

On Friday, Sept. 20, Big Hit uploaded the precious clip to BTS' YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, and because fans are always on their toes waiting for new BTS content, the BTS ARMY instantly tuned in to watch the video the second it was shared.

The video showed Jimin behind the scenes of a photoshoot for BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona concept photos. In the video, Jimin used balloons as props for the photoshoot and, although that doesn't sound like much, if anyone were to make balloons as props work, it's Jimin. The BTS member made his photoshoot look effortless because that's just how good of a model he is, and I'm sure the BTS ARMY agrees with me.

Towards the middle of the video, Jimin took the balloon and rubbed it on one of the staff member's shirts to charge it with more static electricity. He then took the balloon and rubbed it on his head and boom! His hair instantly sprung up, but because it's Jimin, he still managed to look as handsome as ever, even with his hair all messy. They don't call him cutie, sexy, lovely for nothing!

Watch the precious moment for yourself below.

So what was the end result? Like I said, Jimin was taking pictures for BTS' Map of The Soul: Persona concept photos. Concept photos are a huge deal within the BTS fandom because they tease what BTS' upcoming album concept is going to be. On March 31, Big Hit shared the concept photos for version one and that's where you can find Jimin's adorable balloon photos. The photos were made to look like they were from a film strip.

It's so amazing to see these behind-the-scenes videos of BTS because it makes you appreciate the end result even more.

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, fans also got to see a behind-the-scenes clip of V during one of the photoshoots for Map of The Soul: Persona. Based on his clothes, V was on the set for version four of the concept photos. In the video, V was listening to Summer Salt's "One Last Time," and he felt inspired to make his own lyrics on the spot.

According to a fan translation by Twitter user @KTHbase_, V sang, "Rhythm that I'm singing. One more time, one more time. One more time. Singing and dancing. Yeah~ Goodbye, makeup. No need for fixing. No need for those. Goodbye, makeup. Ha!"

V should make a real cover of the song because it totally matches his voice! Do you hear that, V? Please cover Summer Salt's "One Last Time" for real because it will be everything.

Anyways, I can't get enough of these behind-the-scenes clips, so keep them coming, Big Hit!