The ARMYs' Chants During BTS' 'M Countdown' "Boy With Luv" Performance Will Blow You Away


Hey, BTS ARMY! Are you ready to be blown away by yet another amazing performance of “Boy With Luv” from BTS? Well, you’re in luck because the boys just performed the song on M Countdown and did a tremendous job. From their outfits to their choreography, everything was totally on point. Don’t believe me? Then you definitely need to check out the video of BTS’ “Boy With Luv” performance on M Countdown for yourself!

During their appearance on M Countdown, BTS performed a couple of songs. As I mentioned, “Boy With Luv” was the most anticipated performance. But the boys also gave their all to their first performances of “Make It Right” and “Dionysus.” So, their appearance on the show was full of incredible energy and even more incredible music!

All that said, though, BTS’ performance of “Boy With Luv” definitely took the cake as far as performances go. Why? Well, the boys truly looked amazing while singing that song and their swagger was off the charts, as always! Not to mention, their outfits were the best. Jimin, Jin, and V were all sporting pink suits (Jimin wore wide pants — for the first time, apparently, according to fans who attended the pre-recording), while RM had on his signature military jacket. As for Jungkook, Suga, and J-Hope, they all sported light-colored suits (mostly sky blue). So, they all looked amazing!

The performance had a familiar concept, too, starting off with the boys meeting up to go see a movie at the "Persona" theater before busting out their choreo.

In any case, if you haven’t seen BTS’ performance of “Boy With Luv” on M Countdown, you can check it out down below:

It’s the kind of performance you just can’t get enough of, right? Thankfully, there’s more where that came from coming your way soon. On May 1, BTS is set to perform at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards alongside Halsey. Then after that, they’re going on tour. So, the boys are really busy right now. But one thing they’re not too busy to do is give advice to younger generations about what it takes to be a performer.

During an April 17 press conference for their new album Map of the Soul: Persona, Jungkook explained that part of being a great performer is practicing as much as possible.

“I honestly did not practice a lot when I was a trainee. I sometimes think, ‘Why did I [not practice] back then? I should have [practiced] more.’” he said. “If I’m being honest, I did not realize how important practicing is before I debuted. I hope that trainees these days know that and use their time wisely. Then, I believe they can achieve greater success.”

To add to that, V said, “I want to tell them to not be discouraged by sudden failures or wounds they might get while practicing and putting in their effort. That’s a step that will help them to climb up the stairs. It will eventually turn into a memory and makes them go to higher places.”

So, all the boys in BTS are not only talented, but they have hearts of gold!