An Alabama Football Player Proposed At The Championship Game & The Video Is Everything

by Candice Jalili
Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

I'm not going to lie: I don't usually care much about football. In fact, last night when I got to my boyfriend's place, he and his roommate were watching the Alabama vs. Georgia game, and I was confused as to why Kendrick Lamar would be performing at the halftime show for some random college football game. They informed me that this game was actually a pretty big deal, so I started paying attention. I've not once enjoyed watching football, but I'm not gonna lie, this game was actually pretty intense. SO intense that I missed Bradley Bozeman's proposal to Nikki Hegstetter at the end, which was the best part of it all!

If anyone else was watching the game, we can all agree on one thing: That game was wild. Some highlights from someone who knows nothing about football and still managed to get excited about this game: the fact that Georgia and Alabama are longstanding rivals, the guy who kept punching everyone, the forever tie until they went into overtime, the true freshman who was, like, really good, and then, finally, ALABAMA'S WIN. And one of the offensive lineman on the Alabama team, Bradley Bozeman, decided to celebrate the gigantic win by dropping down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend, Nikki Hegstetter, a former Alabama women's basketball team player.

The proposal wasn't just a random act of passion. No, Bozeman had apparently been planning this for a while. The Washington Post reported that Bozeman had planned on proposing to his girlfriend only if his team won. But if they didn't win, Bozeman wasn't going to sweat it. He was reportedly just going to postpone the proposal for another day.

Luckily for the beautiful couple, though, the Crimson Tide pulled off the win, and Bozeman and Hegstetter didn't have to go another day without being engaged. According to the Washington Post, Bozeman had a feeling he was going to propose about five minutes before it happened, when he told the other offensive linemen about his plans. Finally, when everyone was celebrating the big overtime win, Bozeman went ahead and proposed to his girlfriend.

I was thinking how I’d do it, but I completely left my mind, and I just went for it,” Bozeman told the Washington Post.

The actual proposal can be seen in the above video, and you can see their sweet, intimate celebration after the fact in the video below:

Before the game even began, Hegstetter posted a picture of herself with Bozeman on Instagram along with the below caption:

I sit here thinking about everything that you have been through the last five years to get to the point. You get to end your career at The University of Alabama on the biggest stage possible. You have carried yourself with poise, grace, and kindness throughout it all. No one is more deserving than you 75. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and no matter what it is you’ll be a rockstar. I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to watch you run out one last time for the Tide!

So, yeah, as I'm sure you can imagine, Hegstetter said yes! And I think, based on that Instagram caption alone, it's safe to assume this woman loves Alabama football and her boyfriend (now fiancé) so much that this was definitely her dream proposal.

According to Bozeman's Instagram account, the couple just celebrated their three-year anniversary this past September, so here's to many, many more happy memories together for this sweet pair.

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