Chrissy Teigen Handled An Anti-Fur Protester Yelling At Her At An Event Like A Boss

by Hollee Actman Becker
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there's one thing Chrissy Teigen is known for, it's her knack for shutting down her haters. Whether she's defending her stance against Nutella, justifying her refusal to hire a hot nanny, or just clapping back at all the straight-up mom-shamers, the Cravings cookbook author is never afraid to speak her mind. But when she attended the 36th annual City Harvest Gala in New York City on April 30 and was verbally attacked by anti-fur protesters outside, the model mama simply kept her composure and turned a blind eye. It was a seriously impressive move, because the video of a fur protester yelling at Chrissy Teigen is super uncomfortable to watch. And P.S., her outfit didn't even contain any fur at the time (although she has been known to wear what looks like fur in the past)

OK, so here's what happened. Teigen rolled up to the gala, which she co-hosted with Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye, wearing a gorgeous floor-length black wrap dress. As she paused to pose for pics on the red carpet, activist Rob Banks started screaming some serious insults at the mother-of-two — the worst of which was "heartless murderer."

"Shame on you Chrissy, why do you hate animals so much?" he can be heard yelling in a video obtained by TMZ. "Why do you hate animals? You heartless, ugly jerk!"


I don't know how Chrissy kept her cool as she continued to smile and pose for those cameras while being called a "fur hag" and "heartless human being." I would have legit been crumpled up on the floor in a ball crying my eyes out.

The Lip Sync Battle host has not yet publicly commented on the incident. For the record, she has been spotted out and about in fur before, but it's not clear if what she was wearing was actual fur or if it was faux. And while I would never wear fur and I love that Banks is passionate about standing up for animals, shouting in someone's face about it in the streets like this is not OK. In fact, the whole thing feels kind of scary.

Meanwhile, Banks later hit up Facebook to share a couple of posts about the encounter.

"I just shamed Chrissy Teigen for wearing real fur," he wrote in his first post.

"I take a half a day at work and decide to go shopping," he added in a follow-up. "I happen to see my buddy who gives me a tip off of where fur wearing Chrissy Teigen will be. I shop for a bit and then head to the location. I see Chrissy, so I get my camera out and confront her. The action is now being covered by the media. If you have an opportunity to take action for Animals, do not hesitate. They need us NOW."

I agree — and I personally really hope Chrissy stops wearing real fur if that turns out to be something she's been doing. But calling her a "murderer" and a "fur hag" is probably not the right way to get that message across and inspire change, you know?