This Vans Collection Inspired By David Bowie Would Make Ziggy Stardust Proud


If one of your personal heroes is a certain iconic British singer known for his supreme individuality and rocking a lighting bolt slashing across his face, then there's something you need to know about. A Vans x David Bowie collection is dropping Friday, April 5, and it's filled with styles so unique and out of this world that they'd make Ziggy Stardust proud. In an effort to honor the iconic artist whose legacy of peace, love, and eccentricity will never die, the collection comprises five packages of footwear that are each inspired by a facet of Bowie's work, as well as a selection of apparel. Each piece will make you feel like a total Starman and will let you channel one of the greatest artists to ever live every time you wear it.

As Vans explains in a press release, "Drawing inspiration from some of Bowie’s most influential works and many colorful personas, this collaboration celebrates a joint force between Vans and 'the man who fell to earth' — two entities who for decades have championed the different and the strange, leaving a lasting impression on generations." Offering everything from new takes on the classic Old Skool sneaker to baseball caps and tees, the lineup of products is as magical and personality-rich as you'd expect.

The footwear collection kicks off with a pair of Classic Eras designed to represent Bowie’s hit 1969 single, “Space Oddity,” in sneaker form. The sole literally has "ODDITY" emblazoned across it while the canvas upper features a green and blue polka dot print that matches the original album cover.

Next up is a pair of Slip-On 47 V's that will give you all of the fuzzy feelings. Inspired by the coat Bowie wears on his Hunky Dory album cover, the shoe features an upper that's part yellow suede, part checkerboard faux fur. They're loud, weird, and totally cool, just like the muse they were made for.

Ziggy Stardust, Bowie's alter-ego, was known for his cherry red hair, so it only makes sense that a pair of cherry red shoes would be designed in his honor. The Sk8-Hi Platform 2.0 gets the fiery update and comes in a patent finish that's grounded by a black sole.

To commemorate Bowie’s epic Aladdin Sane album, Vans decided to release two styles featuring Ziggy's signature red and blue lighting bolt. The Old School option comes in a pearlescent white color, while the Sk8-Hi model features a checkerboard printed sidewall.

To round out the collection, it's only right that Vans paid homage to Bowie's final album, ★, which was released in 2016. Van's classic Slip-On style is brought to a whole other level via a black upper embossed with a patent black star. A galaxy of stars on the footbed represent Bowie's larger-than-life legacy.

If you want to rock Bowie from head-to-toe, check out the collection's apparel offerings, which include three tops and two baseball caps. Everything from the line will be available at starting April 5.