Two Random People Practically Fell In Love On A Plane & Twitter Loves It

Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

We've all heard the oft-reported phenomenon of "love at first sight." Y'know, when you bump into a stranger, you immediately feel overwhelming levels of attraction to them, and BAM! — you suddenly can't imagine how you've ever lived a second without that person. For some people, the concept is nothing more than a fable, but to others (self-included), love at first sight is very real. If it wasn't, how would you explain this Twitter thread about strangers on a plane falling in love? Check out the adorable post below.

It all happened on July 3, thanks to a Twitter user who goes by the name of Rosey Blair. Blair and her boyfriend were on a flight back to their home in Texas, but their seats were in different aisles, so she asked a woman to switch seats with her, who complied. Little did Blair know that the seat swap might've changed the woman's life forever.

Blair's first tweet about the encounter read, "We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread," kicking off a chain of events of what was to come throughout the flight.

Apparently, the woman and her new seat partner hit it off immediately. According to Blair, the both of them are personal trainers and vegetarians, and had even touched arms while bonding over their interests.

And then they touched arms again.

And AGAIN. (!!!)

I'm really feeling the love here!

And apparently, so did a baby on the flight. Blair said a little girl kept waving at them and saying "hi," and if that's not a sign that the love is real, then what is?

#hunkyplaneguy and #prettyplanegirl," as Blair referred to them, had even managed to turn the flight into somewhat of a date, choosing to share a cheese board with one another.

Then they showed each other family photos.

I mean, it really was riveting stuff.

Then things took a surprising turn: the two started talking about their life plans.

"They just started talking about what they want out of life," Blair wrote. "Marriage, kids, etc. He says he's been too dedicated to his fitness to pursue relationships."

But with #prettyplanegirl being into fitness, this could truly be a match made in heaven.

We didn't exactly find out on the plane, though, because just when things started heating up, the time for the flight to land rolled around. Although it seemingly would have put an end to all the magic they'd cooked up during the flight, Blair revealed the two had agreed to follow each other on Instagram. She even shared an uber-cute pic of them walking through the airport together. (A fitting equivalent of them riding off into the sunset together, if you ask me.)

It didn't stop there, either. After some sleuth work back at home, Blair and her boyfriend discovered the passengers' Instagrams, noting that they both are single, and located in Dallas, Texas.

"They're going to fall in love and get married and have babies!" Blair exclaimed.

I'm not totally sure what went on from there, as it's sadly where the story stops. But #hunkyplaneguy, who was revealed as Euan Holden, did catch on to the viral Twitter moment later in the evening, saying he knew Blair was taking pictures.

In her defense, though, she was just taking pictures for the legions of babies they'll maybe go on to have, right?

Sounds good to me. Here's to speaking it all into existence.