Serena from 'Gossip Girl' was spotted in sweatpants

Serena Is All Of Us In This TikTok Of A 'Gossip Girl' Wardrobe Malfunction

Michael Desmond Photography, CW

Hey there, Upper East Siders — long time, no gossip. Turns out, the juiciest dirt was just dug up on your favorite it-girl and fans of the series are screaming. If you haven't seen the TikTok of Serena's Gossip Girl wardrobe malfunction yet, you're in for the ultimate treat.

When TikTok user @skyehanamaikai reached Season 6 of Gossip Girl, they noticed something odd in the fourth episode, "Portrait of a Lady Alexander." There's a lot to unpack in the episode, from Chuck and Blair looking to uncover Bart's shady dealings, Serena and her boyfriend Steven agreeing to tell each other who, exactly, they've both slept with, and Dan teaming up with Georgina to find a high-profile woman to date to boost his social standing.

But it was a simle pair of sweatpants that had the TikTok user, and the rest of the Gossip Girl fandom, totally shook. Basically, Serena met up with Dan for lunch in a bandage dress and platform pumps to ask him to keep their most recent hookup on the DL (you know, since she was lying to Steven about her past hookups). At first, she was shown with bare legs — as someone in a minidress would be — but in a closeup right before she leaves the restaurant, there's something very un-Serena about her look.

While plenty of fans are laughing that one of Manhattan's elite was caught wearing something that should have absolutely been edited out of the shot, if anything, it makes S even more relatable.

First of all, actors are known for throwing on comfy clothes between takes. Not only are sets normally cold, in order to keep the equipment from over-heating, but also, after playing a Park Ave. princess and marching around in heels and form-fitting looks all day, it makes sense she'd throw on some sweats and slippers as soon as possible. Odds are, the crew realized they needed another quick shot and told her she could keep the pants on because her bag could (in theory) hide them.

Plus, in defense of S, she once wore a literal nightgown on a date with Aaron (AKA the worst boyfriend ever). If anyone could rock pants and a dress and make it iconic, it's Serena van der Woodsen. As a longtime fan of Gossip Girl and Blakey Lively (and sweatpants, TBH), I just have to say: If I saw Serena wearing sweatpants and a bandage dress, I would buy sweatpants and a bandage dress. Now, let's just see if that look makes an appearance in the HBO Max reboot.