This Is Us

This Theory About Kevin & Madison's Relationship On 'This Is Us' Is A Head-Scratcher

by Ani Bundel

The This Is Us Season 4 finale was both satisfying and frustrating in equal measures. On the one hand, fans got answers to questions about Kevin and Randall's big fight and who Kevin's pregnant fiancee will be in Season 5. There were also answers to questions fans hadn't even considered, such as "will Baby Jack have a sister?" But in answering these, This Is Us both raised more questions and reminded viewers that things don't always turn out the way one assumes. In response, fans have a theory about Kevin and Madison's relationship, and it might not have a happy ending. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us follow.

Consider, for one, that fans spent Season 3 worried about Randall and Beth's relationship. They did so because the show had given viewers glimpses of the future that held little information. Likewise, Season 4 has suggested Kate and Toby are heading for a divorce because he's not at the cabin during Kate's 40th birthday celebration. Fans now know it's probably due to the adoption process, and not because the couple is on the outs.

That's where Kevin and Madison come in. Here's what fans know for sure:

  • Madison is pregnant with twins. They are Kevin's.
  • Kevin has been desperate to be married with a family on the way before his 40th birthday.
  • Kevin refers to Madison as his "pregnant fiancee" in the flash-forward to the Season 5 premiere.
  • Flash forward in 2034, and Kevin has a pair of almost teenage twins and a wedding ring on his finger.

The straightforward assumption is Kevin and Madison get married, they find a comfortable place to make their relationship work, and that ring on Kevin's finger is proof that great love stories can sometimes start in odd ways.

Or is it? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Justin Hartley suggested Kevin's "all in" to Madison might not be quite what fans think.

Hmmm. I wonder if Kevin being all in with Madison is really that at all. I wonder if he's really all in with Madison. I wonder. I dunno.

After all, Kevin doesn't necessarily have to be married to Madison. Heck, their wedding might not happen. There's no indication Madison is around. Kevin ran out to pick up food as the family gathered together, and there's no sign of a spouse.

Now, Madison could be in another room, or on her way home from somewhere else. Remember, the slice of information viewers have is wafer-thin. Or it could be Kevin is "all in" on his children, but not on the woman giving birth to them. Viewers won't know until there's more info.