This Theory About How 'Us' Connects To 'Get Out' Will Blow Your Mind


Jordan Peele shocked everyone in 2017 when he shifted from being best known for his comedy to immediately becoming the buzziest horror auteur of the moment after the success of Get Out. Now, his follow-up Us is scaring audiences even more, and fans cannot help but look for connections between the two movies. One theory about how Us connects to Get Out is particularly convincing, and it even has fans thinking that Peele may be planning an Us & Get Out crossover movie.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Us. Don't continue reading until you've seen the movie. All of the major lingering questions that we are left with at the end of Us revolve around the Tethered, a group of red-clad doppelgängers who rose up from their underground captivity to exact revenge on the above-ground world. We do not get too many specifics about the origin of the Tethered, but Adelaide's doppelgänger Red does say that they were created in the '80s as a government experiment to attempt to control the public. When that experiment failed, the scientists abandoned the Tethered to suffer in the underground lab.

Although Us does not share a lot in common with Get Out, this backstory should actually sound a bit familiar to Get Out fans. The villainous Armitage family was obsessed with body-snatching, and used scientific experiment and operations to take over other people. A theory on Reddit points out that the Armitage family in Get Out may be part of the same secret organization that created the Tethered in Us.

Jordan Peele even named this secret organization in his director's commentary on the DVD release of Get Out. He stated that the Armitage family belong to an order descended from the Knights Templar, a 12th century military order that fought in the Crusades. The order has long been rumored to have sought after the Holy Grail, and that is what Peele says is their main goal in Get Out: to obtain the Holy Grail's power of immortality. He said,

They believe they are destined for immortality and deity status, and over hundreds of years they have worked to figure out through science a way to achieve the power of the Holy Grail.

Knowing that the Knights Templar are the secret order in Get Out, it would make sense to assume that they are the same group behind the creation of the Tethered in Us. The plan to control the public with cloned puppets sounds like it would be right up the Knights Templar's alley.

This theory is getting fans excited at the prospect of a future movie about this Knights Templar secret society that would connect the events of Get Out and Us through the nefarious group. The Hollywood Reporter actually asked Jordan Peele about the possibility of his next movie being a crossover sequel that connects his two horror hits, and his answer was a coy "anything is possible."

Hmmm, so is a horrific Peele-iverse really being formed right now or not? We will just have to wait to see if Jordan Peele's next movie connects the dots.