Your Favorite Skechers Sneakers Have Gone Wild, Thanks To Faux Fur & Animal Prints


When you think of Skechers, what comes to mind? The sneakers you wore in middle school? Styles that have been adopted into the normcore trend specifically for their mainstream un-trendiness? The new summer 2019 Skechers' D’Lites, D’Lites 3.0, and Energy furry makeover is about to change all of that, seeing as it has single handedly rendered the throwback brand exceptionally cool to the masses again. Seriously, take one look at the upgrades to all three classic styles, which also include metallic snakeskin detailing and colorful leopard print accents, and you'll be dying to get your hands on a pair of Skechers ASAP. It's no secret that chunky old school sneakers are experiencing a renaissance but these ones are in a league of their own.

Available to shop at select Skechers stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Las Vegas, the new pack is arriving just in time for summer and proves that luxuriously textured fabrics in jewel tones and deep neutrals are not just for winter. Each pair will run you $125, which for Skechers is on the higher end of the spectrum—the hefty price tag makes sense in light of their luxe new looks and is worth every cent.

The first themed pair of sneakers sees the D'Lites 3.0 and D'Lites get reimagined in black and white color ways, respectively. The darker of the two is called "Fancy Day," while the lighter style is named "Fury Tale." Both iterations arrive with grey faux fur covering their tongues, while pavé laces stretch across the fur for an especially rich look. Grey snakeskin detailing adds a punch of print to either side of the shoes and a chunky off-white sole finishes them off.

The D’Lites 3.0 gets another much more colorful makeover that is appropriately called “Joy Summer.” The shoe is a wild eyeful and would make any outfit instantly daring and playful thanks to the mixture of blue, yellow, and pink leopard prints that take shape in the form of waves splashing across it. The red mesh upper is also offset by black laces and a yellow badge on the tongue, while a chunky black, red, and caramel tread ground the collage-like style.

Last but not least, two versions of colorful snakeskin give the D'Lites and Energy silhouettes fierce new looks. The “Glowing Sky" D'Lites style arrives in a bright white base hue that's covered in rainbow snakeskin that looks like bubbles do when they catch the light. White laces and a white chunky tread finish off the style, which feels extremely fresh and perfect for summer. If you've got an old pair of white sneakers that you've been looking to replace, these should do the trick. In contrast, the "Pure Serenity" Energy style arrives with a black leather upper and two stripes of snakeskin detailing above the tread. The tongue also features the multicolor animal print, allowing the black laces to pop against it. The tread on this style is two-toned, featuring both white and caramel layers.

Not your average Skechers, right?