This 'Stranger Things' Reunion Video Is A Totally Pawsome Tribute To Characters Past

by Ani Bundel

Stranger Things originally billed itself to be horror in the style of "Steven Spielberg does Stephen King," but most fans don't consider how many characters die per season. The big fuss over Barb's demise made her passing stand out in the crowd in Season 1. But Season 2 saw just as many major characters deaths, deaths of those fans knew and loved. With filming for Season 3 underway and a release date most likely not until 2019, the production decided to take a moment and release a Stranger Things reunion video, to remember those loved ones from Season 2 who have passed from Hawkins, Indiana.

The most memorable death last season is undoubtedly Bob Newby, the character played by the great Sean Astin. Though Joyce Byers' new boyfriend wasn't exactly the jocular hero type, his sweet, slightly nebbish ways and his love of puzzles made him a wonderful addition to Will and Jonathan's life, even if the two of them didn't really appreciate him while he was alive.

Bob's death was one of the hardest to watch when his inability to follow orders and run meant he was lunch for an entire pack of demo-dogs. Having him anchor this reunion video was only right.

But it's the character Astin is joined by who merits the most attention.

Mews! It turns out Sean Astin is making Mews sit through watching his own on-screen death all over again, because everyone has to face their own death.

The loss of Mews was the cruelest death in Season 2. Like Newby, Mews was also a demo-dog lunch, eaten early (and often) by Dustin's evil pet Dart. As a cat lady who loves my furry purrheads as much as Dustin's mother clearly loved Mews, his death (and Dustin's continuing cover-up of it) was by far the most upsetting part of Stranger Things Season 2. Especially since it fell on the same weekend as National Cat Day.*

(*I think Mews would agree every weekend contains a National Cat Day. It's called Caturday.)

Mews' death was even more upsetting than Bob's for some fans of the series. Clearly, the Duffer Brothers are biased against gingers. If I were Max, I would be worried about surviving Season 3.

At least, having made Mews relive his own passing at the hands of Dart on-screen, Astin finds it within himself to pull it together and walk his own demise. Mews is kind and gentle as Astin grieves for himself, lending a paw in sympathy and support.

Let us all take a moment to grieve the loss of "Bob Newby, Superhero" and "Mews, Super Cat."

Hopefully, Mews' replacement at the end of Season 2, Tews, will be just as goodhearted a feline, and will not feed Dustin to any monsters found in the trash can this coming season. (Though let's be real, it would only be fair and right if Tews chose to do so, and no one would judge him for it.)

As for what Season 3 holds in store for Tews and company, there's still no official synopsis. But the new cast members for this year have been confirmed, including Maya Hawke, Jake Busey, and Cary Elwes. All of them were spotted in the "Now In Production" trailer Stranger Things released last month.

No sign of Tews though.

Which of the new characters will find themselves joining Mews and Astin on the couch of lost characters? For that, fans will have to wait and see. Until then, as the YouTube video quote says: "Re-watch in Peace, Bob and Mews. Sending loves and cuddles from the right side up."

Stranger Things Season 3 is currently slated to return to Netflix sometime in 2019.