This 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3' Conspiracy Theory About The 10th Queen Is Wild


Oooo, girl! The third season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars has only just begun, but the drama is already at an all-time high. And on top of all the twists and turns RuPaul is already throwing at the queens this season, fans think they may have picked up on what will become one of the biggest shockers in the herstory of the franchise. There is a truly mind-boggling Drag Race All Stars conspiracy theory making its rounds online about the tenth queen in the competition that has fans convinced that a huge twist is coming by the season finale.

The mystery of who the tenth queen RuPaul would be adding to the competition this year had been a major source of fandom speculation online for months, after RuPaul revealed only nine contestants during his Meet The Queens special and teased a surprise tenth queen would enter the game on the night of the premiere. Here's where I need to include a SPOILER ALERT: If you didn't watch the All Stars 3 premiere and don't want to know who the tenth queen is yet, then don't read on. OK, so we're all good to talk about it now? Well, right after the nine previously announced queens sashayed into the workroom, RuPaul surprised the girls by welcoming in Bebe Zahara Benet, the winner of the very first season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Obviously, everyone was shook — All Stars is meant to be a season for the Drag Race queens who fell short of the crown on their seasons. This is the first time a Drag Race winner has ever returned to the series to compete again. What is going on here?

After the other queens were understandably upset that an already-crowned winner was going to be competing against them, RuPaul explained that since Season 1 was so long ago (the ancient history of 2009) and had not nearly reached the levels of popularity that it now has (fans call Season 1 "The Lost Season"), he wanted to offer Bebe a real spotlight to show off her talents. Honestly, the explanation does make sense, but some Drag Race fans think that there is a hidden reason that RuPaul brought back Bebe, and it could lead to a major, gag-worthy reveal by the end of the season.

A conspiracy theory about Bebe Zahara Benet's real role on All Stars 3 blew up on Reddit shortly after the premiere on Thursday. The poster shared a screenshot of someone's comment on the Facebook post of Bebe's promo look for the season, in which a whole, detailed theory about Bebe actually being a spy for RuPaul was laid out in pretty convincing detail.

The crux of the theory lies in the theme of the season. All Stars 3 kicked off with a bit inspired by The Handmaid's Tale, with past champions Chad Michaels and Alaska dressed in the iconic red robes from the hit dystopian series. At the end of the episode, Handmaid Chad and Handmaid Alaska return in a creepy moment behind the eliminated queen's back. The theorizer states that the Handmaid's Tale theme is meant to warn us that there is someone in the game who is actually a mole, akin to the constant surveillance, who-can-you-trust environment of Gilead. It would only make sense that if there's a spy, it would be Bebe, the queen who has already won her crown. The theory goes that RuPaul brought Bebe back to coast through the competition each week, and then when it gets to the finals, Ru will reveal Bebe's true role and ask Bebe to help select the All Stars 3 winner from the remaining girls. I know, it's so wild, but also I can totally see Ru pulling something like this!


I actually am kind of rooting for this theory to prove true. It would be next-level dramatic, make more sense out of Bebe's return, and also keep the possibility of an all-winners Drag Race season in the cards, since Bebe would not have really been competing for the crown this time. We will know if the theory is wrong if Bebe lands in the bottom two in the upcoming weeks, so watch for that and keep this theory in the back of your mind!