Hailey Baldwin Chopped Her Hair SO Much Shorter & You'll Want To Copy This Look Immediately

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to beauty trends, 2018 has definitely been the year of the bob. Whether blunt and uber short or choppy and chin-grazing, short crops have been popping up en masse. If you thought the style was dying out, a certain photo of Hailey Baldwin's haircut is here to prove the opposite. While the model (and newly minted Mrs. Bieber) is no stranger to short styles, her new look might be her most dramatic yet and will undoubtedly inspire a slew of fans to reach for the scissors themselves. (Metaphorically, of course—bobs should definitely be executed by professionals. Trust me.)

For at least a year now, Baldwin has been rocking hair lengths that range from just past the shoulder to just below the chin—none of her cuts have been exceptionally different. Generally, she's opted for styles boasting shaggy layers throughout and shorter pieces around her face for a more beachy and relaxed vibe rather than a more severe blunt style. Aside from the occasional extensions put in for photo shoots or her experimentation with a light pink color (I've got to say, I loved it on her!), Baldwin's hair has remained relatively uniform so, like with any celebrity, it's fun to see her with a new and slightly edgier crop.

Yesterday, she uploaded a selfie to her Instagram stories with the caption "chopped". In the photo, she's got cartoon hearts over both of her eyes and is wearing a bright graphic tee but the most element is, of course, her new haircut.


Reaching to what appears to be the exact length of her chin, the bob is shorter that anything I can remember seeing Baldwin try out before and looks to feature minimal layers. It's basically what you think of when you hear "French Girl bob" and it looks absolutely amazing on her. Her hair color appears to have stayed the same, with honey highlights streaking through darker blonde shades, while her slightly tousled strands look effortlessly styled.

As someone who has debated this exact bob over the past year, I must say I am a little jealous. The ease of the bob is so appealing and it boasts that easy breezy chill factor that's impossibly rad. Whether you're looking for a style that will have a ton of volume, one that will complement bangs of all types like a dream, or one that will make you look as slick as Neo from The Matrix, there's a bob for that.

Baldwin isn't the only celebrity that's gone for the chop as of late, either. Ariana Grande, for example, cut her signature sweeping locks into a sleek shoulder-length bob just last month and the style is a total game-changer.

Considering that Grande and Baldwin are two of the most influential women in their respective fields, this goes to show that the bob isn't going anywhere. Short hair is in and is a totally powerful move if you're looking for a dramatic way to switch up your look. Time to call your stylist.