Cardi B Made A Hot New Hair Change & It'll Make You So Jealous It's Not Your Hair

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've been aching for a dramatic and vibrant new hair color but you've been unable to settle on a specific hue, photos of Cardi B's new pink hair might just sway you to go in a decidedly rosy direction. After stepping out in a brand new periwinkle bob just two days ago (and a rad outfit that matched), Cardi already onto a new shade and length. Thank u, next, amirite?

The overnight hair change is nothing new for the rapper, who seems to switch up her color as often as most of us change outfits. She's pretty much the best source of hair inspiration out there and we should all be grateful she's willing to take the dramatic makeover plunges that most of us only dream of. Less than a week before her periwinkle style, Cardi rocked a vibrant royal blue shade, and less than three weeks ago she was a super ashy blonde. She's also rocked a more golden platinum blonde, her natural black, a deep ultra violet, auburn, blush—the list goes on. Basically, if you want to see what any rainbow hair color looks like on a real human, check out her Instagram account. The thing with Cardi is that she looks ace in literally all of them, but her new pink shade might have all other colors beat.

In a photo posted on Instagram, Cardi poses in a black and white striped pantsuit, which the rapper notes is by Dolce & Gabbana in the caption. She sips on a Starbucks dream while looking at her phone and a yellow crocodile bag rests on the couch next to her. Even without her bright hair color the photo would cool AF but the pink ombré brings it over the top.

The length of the hair appears to reach just past her waist, with the top half being pulled up into a voluminous and sleek half ponytail. The color starts out an intensely pigmented hot pink, then fades to a light rose midway down, then gradually intensifies once again into its original shade. It's like a 360 degree ombré, the likes of which I've personally never seen, and to top it all off, Cardi matched her eyeshadow to her new hair in a way that only she could. The overall effect is like something from a badass fairyland and I bow down to anyone who has the guts to pull it off.

If you're into the pink but Cardi's style is a bit intense for your taste, try out a lighter dusty rose shade like Hailey Baldwin rocked in 2018.

It looks rad with dark roots so upkeep is minimal and the more it fades, the more natural it looks. While you will likely have to bleach your hair to achieve any unnatural shade (unless you have super, super light hair naturally), so long as you follow proper care rituals your strands should be fine. Consult with your stylist on what would be best for you and then get ready to go fantastical.