ARMYs Are Freaking Out Because BTS *Finally* Met Drake At The BBMAs


The 2019 Billboard Music Awards are happening right now. And you know what that means, right? Photos! Lots and lots of them. But one photo in particular has caught lots of peoples' attention. The photo of BTS and Drake at the 2019 BBMAs will make you smile!

The photo of BTS and Drake from the Billboard Music Awards was taken backstage and shows them all just kind of hanging out together. It's a very cool photo, and one that the BTS ARMY has been waiting forever to see.

Not only is Drake an absolute legend, but all the BTS boys are huge fans. Even in their tweet sharing the photo, they alluded to the fact that they love Drake. "And we met @Drake !!!!!!" the boys wrote in their tweet.

The photo was tweeted out literally right before their joint performance of "Boy With Luv" with Halsey. So, they gave fans a lot to fawn over while they were waiting for the best performance of the night!

This has been a monumental night for the BTS boys. Not only did they win Top Social Artist, but they also took home the award for Best Group/Duo. Needless to say, the BTS ARMY has had quite a lot to celebrate during the BBMAs. And now there's the photo with Drake, which is all kinds of awesome! You can take a look at it down below:

As incredible as this photo is, it wasn't the only BTS/Drake moment of the night. As a matter of fact, fans at the show caught Drake reacting to BTS ARMY on camera. It was a priceless moment. Here's a look:

Look at Drake's face! He's totally in awe of the BTS ARMY. The power of this fan base is wild, and even icons like Drake are feeling it. Amazing!

And if you thought the BTS/Drake connections ended there, then you'd be wrong. Outside of the BBMAs, there's one more link between these amazing artists: Jimin from BTS actually broke Drake's Soundcloud record back in January 2019 with his first solo song. According to a report by Forbes, Jimin's first solo track "Promise” was streamed 8.5 million times in the 24 hours after it was released. That means the song broke Drake's SoundCloud record for the best first-day debut. Drake previously held the record for “Duppy Freestyle," which was released in May 2018.

So, there are quite a few connections between BTS and Drake. And now that they've met in person and taken that photo together, it might just be the start of a new celebrity friendship with a healthy dash of competition mixed in.

Who knows, maybe a collaboration will come out of this meeting. I mean, it happened for BTS and Halsey. Why not Drake? Drake seems to appreciate other artists, so it's possible he'll be down for a K-pop collaboration sometime in the future. Whatever happens, this is a huge moment for BTS and their fan base. They totally deserve to bask in all this BTS love that's happening right now!