Old Navy & RetailMeNot Are Literally PAYING You To Shop Today

Old Navy

Labor Day sales are just around the corner, but what better way to prep for that than by flexing your wallet with another end of summer deal? There's an Old Navy and RetailMeNot promo that will actually pay you to shop. The offer is only valid on Aug. 27, though, so read up on the details below and get to shopping!

If you're unfamiliar with RetailMeNot, it's basically a virtual couponing site, i.e., an online shoppers dream. RetailMeNot finds all of the hundreds of promo codes floating around on the world wide web and tells you which ones actually work and when and how to use them. In addition to providing you with access to existing discounts, RetailMeNot has proven so successful that the site now partners with stores to supply their own unique deals. Case in point: Old Navy and RetailMeNot's $15 cash back extravaganza.

The deal is so simple and amazing it's almost unbelievable. All you have to do is activate the promo via RetailMeNot, spend a minimum of $30 online at Old Navy on Aug. 27, and you'll automatically get $15 cash back! The cash will take approximately 15-20 days to appear in your RetailMeNot account, at which point you can cash out via PayPal and get those dollah dollah bills y'all. Oh and everything at Old Navy is 40 percent off right now. Everything.

Go-H2O Water-Resistant Hooded Anorak

If for some reason you're still unsure about this deal, let me break it down for you with this jacket that I for real just ordered. It's a water-resistant anorak style jacket that's cute AF and TBH that should be reason enough to order it. It was originally priced at $60 but is currently 40 percent off, bringing it down to about $36. This conveniently meets the minimum spending requirement for RetailMeNot's deal, so this originally $60 rain jacket just cost me a mere $21.

Super big deal alert.

Excuse me while I go shower myself with all that money I just saved.

Me right now.

Bouclé Funnel-Neck Coat in Camel

This coat would normally cost you $70. The 40 percent off sale brings it down to $42, and when you account for the $15 cash back that RetailMeNot will send you, you'll be paying $27 for this bomb fall coat.

You'll pretty much be able to afford to shower like that.

Off-the-Shoulder Plus-Size Tie-Belt Shift Dress

Use this unbeatable deal to treat yourself to one last summer dress. With the 40 percent discount and $15 cash back, this off-the-shoulder stunner comes out to only $9. NINE DOLLARS. You'll have to buy something else with it to get to the $30 minimum, but I mean, worse things have happened.

Love Wins EveryWear Graphic Tee

This T-shirt sends an amazing message and, depending on what else you buy, it could essentially be yours for free. With the automatic 40 percent off this, shirt comes to $9, and as long as you spend at least $30 on something else, you can consider this a free gift.

Make sure you go to RetailMeNot to activate this offer and shop before day's end because this is a one day only deal for Aug. 27! What a time to be alive.