This new Uber Eats Pickup feature will cut delivery fees.

Uber Eats Just Added A Convenient Way To Get Your Food Without Delivery Fees

I know, sometimes you really want to get food from Uber Eats, but then you remember that there's a delivery fee, and you aren't so sure that you feel like paying extra just so you can stay on your couch. Or, maybe you're already out and about, and you want the convenience of getting takeout, but you don't want to wait in line to order it. I know, it's silly — but sometimes I'm just trying to get my food without much social interaction. If you can relate, you'll definitely want to know about this new Uber Eats Pickup feature.

Beginning on Friday, Oct. 18, Uber Eats is now offering a chance to skip the delivery process and fees with the nationwide release of pickup. This means you can go directly to the Uber Eats app, and instead of delivery, you can select the option for pickup at the top. Then, you just place your order as your normally would within the app, and confirm that you will be able to pick up the food at the restaurant.

The release nationwide means that if your area has Uber Eats access, then you are able to order pickup from the participating pickup locations. Obviously, not every restaurant may have opted in for the Uber Eats Pickup feature yet, but you should be able to find locations in your area that have.

Ordering using the Pickup feature on the Uber Eats app is just as easy as ordering delivery. You'll be prompted with a little window and then led to the pickup options for your area.

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Furthermore, Uber Eats has created a Pickup Guides via JUMP. What does that mean? Well, these new Pickup Guides are meant to give riders a "new way... to enjoy restaurants in their cities while getting around with JUMP," per the official Uber Eats press release. The guides work to create a mapped out version of which locations have Uber Eats Pickup in the big city. I think the coolest part about these JUMP guides are honestly how easy it makes it to tour a big city you've never been to — and have a foodie tour. Or, you can simply take advantage of pickup compatible restaurants you've never really eaten at and bring the food home. And obviously, if you're a creature of habit like myself, you can also just get food from the same place once a week — without paying those delivery fees.

What cities have these Uber Eats Pickup Guides with JUMP? As of Oct. 18, there are only six cities to have these guides: Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Sacramento, and Washington DC. If only I was out visiting my fam in Austin, I would be so be taking advantage and grabbing an Impossible Burger option from Hopdoddy's. That just means I'll have to make the trip sooner, rather than later.

Courtesy of Uber/Uber Eats

Since Uber Eats just launched these Pickup Guides, there are some sweet deals you can snag if you're in one of the cities with the JUMP guides. The official announcement lists two cool promo codes that you can take advantage of now:

  • If you've never used JUMP before, you can get up to $5 off your first bike or scooter ride. To use it, open your Uber app and enter "JUMPEATS19" in your payments. This code is good through Dec. 18, 2019. To verify, make sure you see up to $5 off in your checkout. And please do note that after the $5 credit is used, you'll be charged the usual per-minute rate in your area.
  • You can also get $3 off your pickup order. So, make sure you enter the promo code "JUMPEATS19" in the Uber Eats app to secure that deal. The promo should work for up to 5 different pickup orders, but only at participating restaurant locations. You can check to see if it's a participating location via the Uber Eats app at checkout.

I'm so stoked to try out this new feature from Uber Eats, because I have to say, I definitely want to save money on my takeout. And once the company releases Uber Eats Pickup Guides for my city, you bet I'll be hopping on a JUMP for my own little foodie tour.