Motorola Launched An Inflatable Chair With Minnidip Inspired By Razr Phones & It's So 2000s

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Courtesy of Minnidip/Motorola
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Whether you had one of those chill inflatable chairs of the early 2000s or not, you can snag one in 2020, thanks to a collaboration between Minnidip and Motorola. This Minnidip x Motorola Razr inflatable chair is here to celebrate the sweet 16 of the iconic phone model, and it's a nostalgic masterpiece. Here's how you can get your hands on one of these cool millennial throwbacks.

Luxury inflatable brand Minnidip and Motorola teamed up to create a limited-edition inflatable chair that'll take you back a few years. Announcing the launch on the Motorola blog on Thursday, Aug. 13, the chair is a recreation of the iconic 2000's inflatable furniture. The Minnidip x Razr CH(AIR) features a durable vinyl with a gradient color seat in metallic blush gold and satin cream hues.

Taking inspiration from the Blush Gold Motorola Razr, which launched in January 2020, the chair also features a cool illusion. Thanks to the clear base and arms, you'll look like you're floating on air. Plus, there's a special spot for your phone — a recliner stand on the right arm. Available for pre-order on Minnidip's official website for $70, the inflatable also comes with a $200-off coupon for a Motorola Razr smartphone. While the product won't ship out until the week of Sept. 21, you'll receive the Razr coupon via email within 24 hours of your purchase date. To get the deal though, you'll want to order ASAP, because the coupons and chairs are only available while supplies last.

Since the Motorola Razr launched in 2004, millennials have been in love with the pink flip phone as an iconic symbol of the early '00s. Now, fans can grab the updated take on the classic Razr, following the launch of the new Motorola Razr smartphone at Verizon. First announced in November 2019, the new Razr features foldable glass, an all-day battery life, and a Night Vision camera feature. While the phone typically retails for $1,499.99, the $200-off coupon would set the price at $1,299.99 before tax.

Get ready to kick back in '00s style with the Minnidip x Razr CH(AIR) and preorder before it's gone.

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