You Can Cuddle The Cutest Kittens At A New Los Angeles Cat Cafe Opening So Soon

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

If you're looking for a way to help relieve your stress levels, or maybe you just really love animals, then you're going to be all about this Los Angeles cat cafe, Crumbs & Whiskers. The location be hosting a Kitten Lounge later this summer. The cafe is the purr-fect way to get some quality time in with adorable kittens and possibly even help them find their forever homes. Here's what you need to know before you plan a visit to Crumbs & Whiskers.

Crumbs & Whiskers, a cat cafe that opened in 2017 in Los Angeles, is getting ready to transform into a lounge just for kittens, and you're totally going to want to visit. At the cafe, you can play, cuddle, and even adopt some pretty cute kittens, according to Crumbs & Whiskers.

The Kitten Lounge doesn't officially open until early June 2019, according to Crumbs & Whiskers. However, if you live in Southern California or plan to be out that way any time soon, you can start thinking about planning a visit to the kitten lounge. Although The Kitten Lounge at Crumbs & Whiskers isn't open just yet, you can go ahead and get on the waitlist to book your reservation once it opens up. The kitten lounge offers two different visiting sessions. The first option is a 30-minute kitten experience and the second option is a 70-minute "extravaganza," according to Crumbs & Whiskers.

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

You can also show up for a walk-in session. However, the cafe recommends you make a reservation. This is due to the fact that Crumbs & Whiskers only allows a certain number of visitors inside at once for the health and safety of the adorable kittens. The Kitten Lounge will remain open through October 2019, with the goal of finding homes for more than 500 kittens, according to Crumbs & Whiskers.

The company has another kitten lounge and cat cafe location in Washington D.C. Between the three storefronts, Crumbs & Whiskers is responsible for helping with nearly 1,000 cat and kitten adoptions and donating more than $25,500 to "various charities and nonprofits," according to the company.

“As popular as cats have been at the Cafe, we think the kittens will be even more in demand, and even more adorable, if that’s possible,” founder and CEO Kanchan Singh, said in a press release emailed to Elite Daily. “It’s a place where you can get away from the stress of the city, traffic, your job, and instead just enjoy some kitten therapy.”

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

There will also be food and beverage options from Froma on Melrose available to visitors. The menu includes coffee, teas, lemonades, other drinks. You can also snack on small plates and big bites like banana bread, croissants, smoothies, paninis, and more. You can peep the full menu here. It all looks really yummy.

If I'm being totally honest, I'm more of a dog person than a cat person. However, I'm all about supporting a good cause and helping animals find a good home. The Kitten Lounge sounds like the perfect way to wind down with a snuggle from a new furry friend. I mean, who doesn't want to snuggle with kittens all day? Crumbs & Whiskers is located at 7924 Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood. Keep checking the website for an official opening date for the Kitten Lounge later this summer.