Mario Dedivanovic Teased A Sneak Peek Of A New KKW Beauty x Mario Collab & It Looks SO Good

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OMG, can you believe a round two is almost here? I've been waiting for Kim Kardashian and her makeup-artist-slash-BFF, Mario Dedivanovic, to collab again ever since their OG palette debuted back in 2018, and based on the KKW Beauty x Mario part two sneak peek from Mario's Instagram, it looks like something gorgeous is coming soon.

I love me some Kardashian content, but following Mario Dedivanovic, aka @makeupbymario, is honestly just as fun. Dedivanovic posts tons of behind-the-scenes content when it comes to glamming Kim and her sisters, as well as Bebe Rexha, Normani, and tons of other celebs. He's arguably the most famous celebrity makeup artist on Instagram, and in addition to his masterful talents, his friendship with Kardashian is definitely worth stanning. Dedivanovic has been known to help Kardashian test out her KKW Beauty products, and the duo created their first beauty collaboration back in March 2018, featuring two glosses, one nude lipstick, and a ten-pan palette with a striking pop of shimmery royal blue. It was a major hit, obvi, so it's no surprise they decided to go for a round two.

Right now, everything in the OG KKW x Mario collab is sold out on the KKW Beauty website:

But apparently, there will be new products to shop soon, according to the Instagram TV video Dedivanovic posted in honor of Kardashian's 39 birthday:

The video is part collection announcement, part cutesy montage of friendship moments from their collaboration photoshoot. Aww! In it, we see the Artist and Muse switch roles as Kardashian does Dedivanovic's makeup. He teaches her how to bronze his jawline, and she cracks jokes as she uses a dark shadow to fill in sparse areas of hair atop his head, joking, "Honey, we don't have enough shadow for this head!" LOL.

Oh, and also Dedivanovic scaring Kardashian with a spider. Classic:

Mario Dedivanovic/Instagram

But most importantly, we see the duo sifting through eyeshadows and mixing and matching pans to create what appears to be a brand-new palette. The video is filtered in black and white, so no color sneak peaks are shown, but Dedivanovic does let on that it'll most likely be (another) nude palette when he frames the colorstory as such: "These are the key colors to create the look of Kim." Take my money!

Anyone know how to make a black and white photo full color?

Mario Dedivanovic/Instagram

Mario also refers to one of the shadows as the ONLY one he'd need on a deserted island. I really need it in my life, whatever it is:

Mario Dedivanovic/Instagram

Back in July, Dedivanovic posted a photo doing Kardashian's makeup, asking fans, "Are we ready for a #KKWxMARIO 2.0 collection?? 🤔🕵🏻‍♂️"

That means they've been planning this new launch for quite some time! Still, no launch date was revealed, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more deets. Mario did hashtag #TheArtistAndMuse, which, just saying, very well might be the name of the new palette or the collection overall. Personally, I'm feeling it! Fingers crossed for more deets soon.