You Can Get A Bouquet Made Entirely of Kit Kat Bars For The Sweetest Valentine's Day Yet

I don't know about you, but I — personally — have always found it a little bit tricky to find my BF the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Flowers are a classic V-Day surprise, but who doesn't love a tasty AF box of chocolates? Well, one candy company decided to take on this relatively common debate by ingeniously combining the two, making for an incredibly elegant Valentine's Day treat. So if you can't decide on a gift this year, make sure to snag this Kit Kat Bouquet for Valentine's Day 2019... it's literally the sweetest way to say "I love you."

Right now on and on, you can get your Valentine, Galentine, or maybe even yourself (because ~self love~ all the way, baby) a Kit Kat bouquet. That's right — it features both large and fun-size Kit Kat Bars to make it look extra abundant, and its all wrapped in a big red bow and green cellophane. According to Jet, you can choose between the medium bouquet for $61.01, which includes four large Kit Kat bars and 12 fun-size ones, or the Large for $64.40, including six large Kit Kats and 23 fun-size ones. TBH, if your boo really likes chocolate, this is definitely the way to go.

How gorgeous is that? I'll take 10 of the large ones, please.

Oh, and make note that if you end up ordering one of these gorgeous bouquets online and live in a warm, tropical paradise, Jet recommends that you select ''Next Day'' or ''2 Day'' shipping at checkout, as opposed to regular shipping. This is because if you end up selecting the regular delivery option, they are are not able to guarantee that your gorgeous bouquet won't turn into "chocolate sauce" before it arrives. Honestly, that makes total sense to me.

The Kit Kat bouquet looks out of this world, but also available on Jet's website is the Chocolates & More Candy Bouquet. Per Jet, the bouquet itself includes a wide variety of fun-sized candy bars, which is enveloped in a basket made of full-size chocolate bars. It comes with a big red bow, and IMO, it's too freakin' cute. A Medium includes four large chocolate bars and 12 fun-size candies, costing $61.01, while a Large includes seven large chocolate bars and 23 fun-size candies, costing $72.56. If bae's chocolate palette is sophisticated enough to enjoy more than one variety at a time, this is definitely the right gift for them.

Walmart and Jet also unleashed a Reese's bouquet if your boo prefers peanut butter over everything else. It stands an entire foot tall and measures a foot long, featuring 36 peanut butter cups and orange faux flowers. The entire thing amounts to $44, and honestly, I'm so about it.

Jet is coming in clutch, combining two of the greatest Valentine's Day gifts: flowers and chocolate. Whether you end up springing for the Kit Kat bouquet, the assorted Chocolates & More Candy bouquet, or even the Reese's bouquet, there are so many tantalizing options that are sure to tickle your fancy. TBH if it were my choice, I'd go for all three of them. Like I say, "the more chocolate, the better."