'This Is Us' Season 2 Episode 3 Promo Gives Us A Look At Randall & Beth's Foster Child

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Randall and Beth on This Is Us have proven to be pretty much the strongest, most unbreakable, healthy couple on the show. They're like the playbook for making marriage work. Even when they have an issue, it usually ends with a compromise, a kiss, and some epic words of encouragement. And while they've been through a lot together, the This Is Us Season 2, Episode 3 promo reveals that foster parenting will test them in new ways.

Episode 2, "A Manny-Splendored Thing," saw our beloved pair faced with fear and doubt regarding the potential adoption and fostering process. Actually, it was Randall who was "Randall-ing out" about the whole thing -- a term we will surely use to describe worrying now from now on. "Stop using my name as a thing," Randall pleads. Sorry, what's done is done. Anyway, Beth and Randall (Bandall, Reth? We'll figure this out later), dealt with the conflict like the spousal pros they are and decided that they can handle anything. Fostering an older child comes with trials and unknowns, but they're up for the challenge as a united front. And scenes from the upcoming episode show that the decision will definitely come with challenges.

Well, we guess all that personal paperwork the Tri-State area Pearsons filled out went through. According to the promo, they're already fostering a 12-year-old girl. We can see that things don't exactly seem smooth from the beginning, because in a brief glimpse at an interaction with Beth, they are already fighting. Unfortunately, from the look on her face and the way she abruptly runs off, the foster child also appears to be frightened by Randall when he enters to intervene. Randall, a rational peacemaker, apparent father of the year, and all around good guy, might find that it's harder to connect than he ever imagined. We have nothing but faith in Beth and Randall, though this might present a rocky road ahead.

Randall isn't the only Pearson to have his name turned into a verb in their personality's honor. Next week, there's a flashback where Rebecca is "Jack Pearson-ing" her husband. What's that? "It's a term I made up for when you sweep someone off their feet," an enthusiastic Rebecca explains to her man. (Another one to add to our This Is Us-inspired vocab dictionary.) Jack is sporting a goatee and he's mustache-free, which indicates '90s, so it looks like Rebecca and Jack are going to continue where they left off this week. And she's wearing her moon necklace. Aww. Cut to Jack telling his wife "I'm sorry" while they're mid-makeout in a car. Oh, no. What's wrong, Jack? You're This Is Us-ing us again. That's the term we made up for making people cry.

The synopsis snippet for Season 2, Episode 3 "Deja Vu" says that "Kate visits Kevin on the set of his new movie; Randall and Beth get exciting news; Rebecca tries to reconnect with Jack." But two out of those three storylines might come with their own set of issues to tackle, based on the sneak peeks. Bonus! Sly Stallone has arrived. And he's This Is Us-ing the audience, too. "Let's do one for your father," he tells Kevin, both clad in war movie costumes, in his most gruff Stallone-esque voice. Co-star BFFs already?

We don't know exactly what's to come for the Pearsons, past or future, but we can likely count on twists, tension, and... tears. We're already two episodes deep and it's been super emotional, as well as revealing. Until next week, you can catch us totally Randall-ing out about this TV family's fate.